Three Thousand Tassels

a1Three Thousand Tassels / San Qian Xu / 三千絮 


A story of a small country…

The King’s most trusted Clairvoyance had deemed the Prince to have a heaven-defying fate, one that can overthrow the current King. With his position changed, the hero of our story escapes from the palace and ventures to the outside…


Chapter 1                  Chapter 1.5                  Chapter 2

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So I realized that the name of this story is very meaningful. In chinese you use many strings to weave a knot. Depending on the knot there are different meanings, usually forever or eternity, and the tassels generally hang down from it. However, since this is just the tassels, no knot, it may signify that the ties are loose. How does one tie their love back together? We will see! (Below is what a tassel look like very pretty!)