Phoenix Against the World Chapter 19

Phoenix Against the World Chapter 19

Feng Beiyue lightly glanced at the door and opened it, “Come in.”

Peixiang was overjoyed and hurriedly carried the basket inside.

“This is the food that the kitchen had specially made for Concubine Qin, I deliberately left some for Princess, eat some and see if you like it.” Peixiang said as she put the food on the table.

Three dishes and one soup, this treatment was much better than before. Previously, the Princess would only receive a few cold steamed bread.

Feng Beiyue lifted up her chopsticks with one hand and with the other she propped up her chin, “You stole some food, not afraid that Concubine Qin would find out?”

“Princess must be joking, you are the legitimate master of this household.” Peixiang hurriedly knelt down and knocked her head three times on the ground, her white forehead became red, “Before, this maidservant had a lard of a heart and offended Miss, but I know that a great person like you would not hold a grudge against small, insignificant people like me”

Feng Beiyue used the chopsticks to put some food into her mouth, leisurely eating, it was her first time eating ancient Chinese food, it tasted really good, not bad. She was not afraid that Peixiang would poison her, even if she borrowed ten-times her courage, she would dare not.

“Peixiang, I’m going to tell you right now, yesterday I had wanted to kill you.”

“Yes, yes, thank you Miss for not killing me!” Peixiang continued to kowtow (bow her head on the ground)

“You can get up.” Feng Beiyue motioned her with her hand, “There are a few things I want to ask you.”

“Miss, please ask, whatever this one knows, this one will tell you all!” Peixiang faithfully replied.

After last night, Peixiang had thoroughly understood that this Princess was not the same cowardly, incompetent Miss as before. Certainly, Princess Long’s mansion would have a big change soon!

Concubine Qin and Concubine Snow, at the end of the day, are only the Master’s Concubines. Afterall, this is Princess Long’s mansion, they don’ t have the right to make any big decisions.

When Princess Long was alive, even the head master of the household did not have the right to speak. But now that Princess Long had passed away, she left behind her distinguished identity, her royal blood, the Princess seal, and many riches!

Even though Princess Long had long been gone, the Great Queen (Princess Long’s mother) still misses the Princess and would come to visit during festivals. The emperor would also give a lot of precious treasures to Princess Long’s mansion.

These were not for the Xiao family, but for Princess Long!

In the past if the Princess hadn’t been so cowardly, then it was natural that all the goods should belong to her and be taken back by her. If she did that, not even Concubine Qin would dare to scold her, not to mention a mere servant.

Hmph! If she followed the Princess, in the future when the Princess takes charge of Princess Long’s mansion, then she would also be promoted! She would no longer have to be a timid servant girl!

Peixiang was thinking how bright and beautiful her future would be, at the same time, Feng Beiyue had already seen through her intentions. Beiyue was accustomed to people’s hearts, how can she not know?

But she did not say anything but just simply asked, “These years, all of Princess Long and my money, who was the one managing it.”

Sure enough, the Princess had begun to ask about the money!

Peixiang’s face changed and had forgotten to report what she knew.

Princess Long was loved and revered by the country. Everyone loved Princess Long, so people were very hard-working and the annual taxes given to her were also very large. Her treasury was simply full of riches and treasure!

Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 9

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 9

“This job is posted by Xiao family. We are short on close-combat mercenaries. Those who are interested may come and try! The pay is very high!”

The advanced job was posted up by a man, the content was to find a Blue Spirit fruit within the famous Misty Forest.

The Blue Spirit Fruit was considered to be a type of herb that can strengthen one’s body. If one uses it to train it can double the speed of their cultivation. The fruit is considered to be an extremely precious treasure because it would only blossom once every three years.

When Feng Beiyue was 10 years old, she could already be considered a master at martial arts.

Several people had already signed up, Feng Beiyue also squeezed past the crowd wanting to sign up as well. Due to her short stature, when she had passed by, a few mercenaries immediately let out few burly laughs.

“Kid, don’t cause trouble for others, the brothers here are very busy!” A mercenary burst into a hearty laugh.

Feng Beiyue instantly took out the dagger that was sheathed at the mercenary’s waist. Her speed was so fast that before their eyes could even react she had already pointed the dagger towards the mercenary’s heart.

If it weren’t for the dagger being too short, the sword would have already pierced his neck!

Sigh, a 12 years old’s body is really inconvenient…

The mercenary immediately paled, and the people around him looked at the scene in shock. This small person was incredibly fast, her movements swift (they don’t know her gender but I’m using her for now), her strength was definitely one of a senior warrior!

IN this world, the strong must be respected. With Feng Beiyue’s little performance, everyone’s attitude instantly changed, from being dismissive to one full of respect.

She sheathed the dagger back to the mercenary’s waist and deliberately used a hoarse voice, “Excuse me.”

“No, I’m the one who was in the wrong. Will this warrior please forgive my rude behavior from earlier.” The mercenary was very embarrassed but not mad, he bowed deeply to Feng Beiyue as an apology.

Such a forthright temperament, Feng Beiyue thought to herself, she now had a better impression of the warriors in this era.

“So strong! Sir Warrior, would you like to join us on this mission?”

The man who had just posted the advanced job sincerely invited her. From this, one can see that the strong was well-respected.

Feng Beiyue nodded, of course! She was willing to join as long as the pay was high.

“May I ask for your name, Sir Warrior?”


She had used that very same name when she registered at the Union.

In this mercenary team, the eldest son of the Xiao family was the team leader.

Previously, Feng Beiyue had simply thought that the leader of the team possessed the same Surname as her own family, but who would’ve thought the world was such a small place! This Xiao gentleman was actually Shing, the Princess’ elder brother!


Shing’s strength was quite good, at 18 years old, he was already promoted to an Imperial Silver Warrior. He had his own group of military soldiers, looked dashingly handsome and had an unrestrained personality. He was literally every maiden’s dream lover.

When the Princess was young, he would often tease her. But later, when they grew up, he also started to cause troubles for the Princess so whenever the Princess saw him she would cry.

Now that this scoundrel was within her grasp, Feng Beiyue would let him taste a bit of pain!

“Fanfan, this is the senior warrior you had found?”

Shing rode on a tall black horse, his body covered with shiny silver armor, he looked down at the dwarf Feng Beiyue (they can’t see her face so they don’t recognize her)

The man named Fanfan was the Union’s main mercenary recruiter. Hearing Shing’s voice filled with disdain and suspicion he hurriedly whispered a few words to his ears.

Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 4

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 4

Feng Beiyue gently sighed and spoke, “Rest assured, since I am taking over your daughter’s body, I will not let her die in vain.”

After her words, the faint light on the ancestry table gradually dispersed.

Feng Beiyue grabbed her skirt and slowly walked out of the ancestral temple.

“Hateful~ Don’t do it here~ There’s still people in the ancestral hall~” A feminine voice resounded from the dark corner in the courtyard.

“Afraid of what? About that sick ghost in there? Didn’t you say she was just a stupid girl and cannot even compare to a minion?”

A sick ghost? A fool? Before Feng Beiyue had taken over this body that might have been true…

“But I am shy~ ~ ~”

“Shy of what? Baby, hurry up I can’t wait any longer.”

The sound of people undressing could be heard.

She had just arrived to this world and now, she had encountered two adulterers, what bad luck!

Feng Beiyue slowly walked over, the moonlight lightly shining on her face. She had a pale complexion and an emaciated small face. Because she had eaten too many medicine, her eyes looked like a deep black socket. After kneeling for an entire night, her hair was messy and her white dress was floating around.

Around the corner, a strong man lifted a girl up who looked about the age of 17-18 to the wall. He was excited to get into action and was completely unaware of the fatal danger that was slowly approaching!

The girl became more opened, humming softly, her two white legs tightly wrapped around the man’s waist. The area around the temple was quiet, as a result, the sound they were making was even more ear-piercing.

Princess Long’s ancestral frame was still inside the temple and these two people actually dared to do something so shameless! They don’t respect the dead at all!

Was it because the daughter of Princess Long is so useless and mild that even the servants were so lawless?

Feng Beiyue’s small face was ice-cold, as she took another step forward. At the same time the other girl looked up, she saw a girl wearing a buoyant white dress and was scared witless.


“Where’s the ghost? There’s dead ghost inside the temple that I know. Cmon, baby…Ugh…”

The throat only had time to make a vague sound, clack, the man’s neck was broken!


“Ah!” the girl cried out and stared in shock.

“If you want to die then keep screaming.” Feng Beiyue threw the man’s body to the ground and pulled up the girl’s blouse to wipe her hand.

This disgusting, lowly man, even just killing him had made her feel sick, if it wasn’t because he was so disrespectful to Princess Long, she would not have killed him.

It had dirtied her hands!

The girl tightly closed her mouth, shaking uncontrollably.

The moonlight shone on Beiyue’s face, wasn’t she supposed to be kneeling in the ancestral temple? Why did Third Miss appear right now? Is she coming here for their lives?

“I’m not a ghost.” Feng Beiyue wiped her hands clean and raised her lips into a cold smile. “As you’ve just seen, if you dare to reveal a single word of what happened tonight, you will face the same consequences as this man. Do not think of going to the Concubine Qin to complain. I am not like the former Third Miss.”

No one would dare to joke with their own life, especially after seeing her mercilessly wring a person’s neck!

Peixiang only had one thought, the Third Miss was possessed by a ghost!

She is just like someone who had reincarnated, cold and cruel, it made her entire body tremble.

Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 3

Phoenix Against The World / 凤逆天下

Chapter 3 – The Strong Must be Respected

I actually am growing to like this story so i’ll upload few chapters at once tmrw to satisfy the craves.


“Lance, you want to catch me? It is still 100 years too early for you!”

She is the world’s most outstanding assassin, she can summon the rain and call on the clouds, nothing is impossible for her, except for that person with the name starting with “N”, otherwise no one is worthy enough to be her enemy.

As she raised her hand, a huge black eagle flew downward under the moonlight. Just one glance from its sharp eyes can leave people in fear for their lives.

The eagle’s claw seized Feng Beiyue’s arm and with a wave of its huge black wings it immediately soared back up into the sky. Her flaming red hair seemed to dance in arrogance under the moonlight.

At the same time, countless of heavy machine guns on the deck were shooting at her. Lance walked to the deck and stared at the distant sky, her petite figure was moving farther and farther away. He then said to the people around him, “Are you guys ready?”

“Sir, we are ready!” The higher-ups had ordered them to kill Feng Beiyue even at the expense of a city.

Lance raised his head, disappointed, he looked at the distant sky. “I had already said before, one day, you will pay for your arrogance and cold-bloodedness, Feng Beiyue….”

He felt a sharp pain in his heart, Beiyue…. all these years I had chased after you to kill you, but in fact, each time I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…

But this time, really, farewell…

10 minutes later, a huge explosion occurred in the city border of Jiangsu Province. A huge mushroom-like cloud appeared in the sky, illuminating the night. Fortunately, the residents of the city had been moved away in advance, so no one was harmed.

Suddenly, from where the mushroom-like cloud was, a shape of a huge black dragon enveloped the sky!


————Northern Moon Dynasty————

South Wing Country

Late at night, nobody had seen a evil black aura descending into the temple of Princess Long’s mansion.


In a room filled with dim candlelights, a pair of dark but cold eyes slowly opened. Looking at the shaky candlelight fire, the cold eyes had made no movements, only after a long time did Feng Beiyue come to digest the new memories that was bombarding her mind.

With a feeble groan, she came to accept the new facts…she had time-traveled!

It seems like Feng Beiyue’s current identity is a Princess. Her mother is the current Emperor’s elder sister, Princess Long Huiwen. However, she is currently the joke of the entire country.

She was deemed cowardly, ignorant, did not know martial arts, and was born with a weak body.

The physicians had said that she could not live until 18 years old.

Not only was she is a true fool, as a Princess she was bullied by her brothers and sisters who were born of a lower standing, from concubines. They treated her worse than a slave.

Her stepmother had a domineering arrogance, and after her mother had passed away four years ago, her father did not care about her at all. After her mother’s death, the Princess’ position within the family plummeted.

Today, she had accidentally offended her father’s favourite Concubine Qin, she was punished by having to kneel in front the temple for an entire day, with no food or water.

To begin with, her body was weak and plagued with many diseases. Having her kneel for an entire day was practically the same as asking for her life.

But no one had known that, due to some unknown circumstances, Feng Beiyue who was known as the “ultimate weapon” in modern times, had actually time-traveled and took over the body of this 12 years old Princess.

Suddenly, a warm gaze appeared in her eyes….


Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 2

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 2

Feng Beiyue pulled out her gun and pushed away the person in front of her and rushed forward.

“Why did you push me?! Do you know who I…? There’s a gun!”

The arrogant beauty who saw a gun in Feng Beiyue’s hands started screaming. The Auctioneer on the stage was very well-trained, the moment she heard a scream from the crowd she had already quickly moved away to protect the black jade. But how could a person run faster than a gun?

The sound of a gun firing, a bullet went straight through the crowd and accurately hit the beauty’s forehead, not even a sound could be heard before she was killed.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye.


By the time the bodyguards had reacted, Feng Beiyue had already proudly turned around and walked out of the auction hall. They were all ants in her eyes, she disdained to even look at them.

“Feng Beiyue, the Boundless Million Beasts jade was surely precious enough to bait you into coming!” A cold voice sounded behind her.


Feng Beiyue twitched her brow slightly, this voice, she didn’t need to turn her head to figure out who it was. Lance, her nemesis, who had been chasing after her from South America for exactly five years. (trying to kill her not vie for her love obviously…)

Does he not understand their difference in strength?!

With an expressionless cold face Feng Beiyue slipped the black jade into her pocket.

“Feng Beiyue, over 200 countries have already posted a warrant for your head, you cannot escape from here!” Lance looked at Feng Beiyue, but in his cold tone one could hear a faint tinge of reluctance…

“What will your country do to me after they have captured me?” Feng Beiyue gently turned around, her eyes was full of disdain and coldness.

“With your talent, the state will reuse you!” Lance used this opportunity to say.

If you can turn this stunning and arrogant woman into one of their own, that would be for the best!

“Jokes.” Was the only response from her.

Looking at the eyes of Feng Beiyue, Lance could not help but let out a sigh.

“What happened those years…”

“Shut up!”

Feng Beiyue’s cold eyes suddenly let off a sliver of hate. Her parents were so loyal to the organization, yet they were both erased in the end! After their death they were even  brandished the mark of a “traitor”!

Every night, these gory thoughts would torture her, she would dream about it and wake up from her intense hatred.

“Huh? YOu want me to work for your country? After all these years I still think that I haven’t killed enough of your people. Once I’m in then what’s left of my future?”

Her cold eyes glared at Lance, this handsome and beautiful man… When they had first met, he was very gentle and elegant, full of intelligence, he was like the gentle breeze of  Spring.

Unfortunately, they were in a hostile position.

“If you want, I will definitely help you!”

“I don’t want to…”

Feng Beiyue mellowly raised her head, the entire place was already filled with guards surrounding her.

Not afraid.

From her flaming red hair to her face, she possessed a beauty that could rival any country’s most beautiful women, she was simply stunning and matchless. She was like the reincarnation of a goddess.

Just one smile is alluring enough to make many young men lost in desires.


Lance shouted after seeing Feng Beiyue’s smile. He was also dazzled for a brief moment but he quickly recollected himself.

But it was too late!

Feng Beiyue easily broke one of the commander’s neck and escaped from the crowd…