Reincarnation of the Aristocrat – Chapter 1

Reincarnation of the Aristocrat – Chapter 1

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Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 18

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 18

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Shenyan also showed a look of envy. He is a Six-star Summoner, but His Majesty had only given him a small bottle of Jade Yuye.

Meanwhile, His Highness gave Youtian a large bottle, surely, His Highness had also wanted to win Youtian over, ah!

Shenyan felt gratified by his actions, previously he had feared that perhaps His Highness might be arrogant and drive Youtian away, but now he isn’t worried anymore.

Your Highness, you will definitely become someone great in the future!

Feng Beiyue had seen a lot of rare treasures in her previous life, but she could not have known how precious this Jade Yuye medicine was. Instead, she was more surprised by the fact that this grim looking Prince had actually noticed her injured hand!

That young man! He had always showed a look of indifference but yet he had helped her twice!

With this elixir, she didn’t need to scramble for money to buy DongLing medicine anymore!

“Mr. Shen, please thank Prince Zhanye for me.” Before leaving Feng Beiyue politely said to Shenyan.

The Six-star Summoner was immediately flattered. Youtian was so young and powerful but just now he had returned proper formality. In this continent, being a strong humble Summoner was indeed very rare, ah! (Chinese people just like to add ah or la at the end of the sentence…it brings out more emotion)

Feng Beiyue left with the Ice Phoenix and soon found a quiet, secretive place to land. After confirming that no one else was around Feng Beiyue slowly walked towards Princess Long’s mansion.

Since Feng Beiyue did not have enough spiritual energy to form a Beast Space, for now she can only have her Ice Phoenix find his own place to rest.

When she thought of Prince Zhanye taking out his bottle of Jade Yuye from his Inner Ring, Feng Beiyue could not help but feel envious. She also wanted an Inner Ring! Having an Inner Ring was the same as having an extra Spatial dimension. Time does not flow within this space so you can store materials inside and it won’t expire.

Its just a pity that in the Carta continent the Inner Ring was sold at an exorbitant price. With her current wealth there was no way for her to afford one.

Money! At the end of the day the most important thing was still money! She must find a way to earn loads of money!

In modern time, she had countless assets and could lavishly spend her money. But after she time-travelled to the ancient times, suddenly, she was very tight on money! Feng Beiyue felt very unaccustomed to the difference of wealth.

At noon, she snuck back into Princess Long’s mansion and pretended to be the same old sickly Third Miss.

She had gone out in the morning, and now is already noon. DongLing was still laying in bed unconscious.

Feng Beiyue gently smeared the liquid Jade Yuye on DongLing’s wounds. Its effect was definitely magical, even the naked eye could see the wound gradually healing. She had never seen something like this before in the 21st century. Sure enough this continent was full of incredible things!

She also applied some to her palm. Afterwards, Feng Beiyue went to study the Boundless Million Beast black jade. Ever since she had stolen this precious treasure she haven’t gotten the time to check out its power.

However, at this time, there was a knock at the door.

Feng Beiyue frowned, generally, few people would ever come to her Cloud Pavilion. Who could it be at this late hour?

“Third Miss, I am PeiXiang.” Outside the door was a cautious voice.


She recalled meeting two adulterers at the temple alley last night. It was that servant girl.

Feng Beiyue opened the door and saw a beautiful servant girl standing there with a flattering smile, “Third Miss, this one knows that DongLing was heavily injured and could not have gotten you lunch, therefore, this one brought you some food.” PeiXiang raised the basket in her hands.


Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 17

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 17

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But with a thought, the Crown Prince finally understood. This mysterious cold person was probably just thanking him for his kindness, since he had let her ride on his Purple Kirin earlier.

His action earlier was just to help those in need, he didn’t think much of it, but knowing that this person was someone who would return grace and kindness, he suddenly liked her much more.

“Where are you staying?”

“I have just arrived, I haven’t found a place to stay yet.”

When Feng Beiyue’s sentence had finished, Shing excitedly said, “If Lord Youtian does not mind, you can stay in my house, my parents would be pleased to welcome you!”

If he can become friends with the powerful Youtian, then his dad would certainly be pleased, when that time comes, that Xiaoyun will definitely be angered to death!

She would not dare to be so arrogant in the future!

His intentions, how could Feng Beiyue not understand? Me helping you? I still have a grudge against you! He was already considered lucky that she didn’t send him to the afterlife just now!

Furthermore, she did not want to expose her identity, so how could she live in Princess Long’s mansion?

“Many thanks gentleman Xiao, but I had always preferred to be alone, so I will not bother you.” She lightly declined his offer.

Shing immediately showed a face of disappointment, these master Summoners like the quiet, if he could also become a summoner then how good is that!

Looking at the Ice Phoenix, Shing was filled with envy and hate!

Zhanye had originally wanted to invite her to live in the courtyard outside of the palace, but after hearing her tone of wanting alienation, he did not bother to mention it anymore.

“If that’s the case, then how can we reach Lord Youtian?” Shenyan asked, he could not afford to lose contact with this person.

Once he returns to the palace to give his report, His Majesty will certainly have a banquet to entertain this Lord. Whatever Lord Youtian wanted, they will try to give it to satisfy her.

Feng Beiyue thought for a moment and said, “I will go to the mercenary Union often, if you have any matters you can just send someone to leave me a message there, when I see the letter I will come find you.”

The master Summoners of this world all have a proud and arrogant temperament. For Youtian to have left them a way of contact it was already considered very good!

Shenyan nodded, “I give my thanks to Lord Youtian.”

Feng Beiyue looked at the sky, it was no longer early, she still have to rush back to buy the medicine for Dongling’s injury. But just now, the mercenary task was not completed, who can she ask for money?

So depressing! Money! This kind of thing! When you urgently need it, even a hero will find it being their most difficult challenge, ah!

In a while she will leave these people and have her Ice Phoenix bring her to find some herbal medicine.

Feng Beiyue bid farewell to Zhanye and was about to take off on her Ice Phoenix.

“Lord Youtian.” Zhanye coldly opened his mouth, he immediately tossed a green bottle over and coolly said, “Your hand is injured, you should treat it.”

After he finished his sentence, he summoned his Purple Kirin and in a blink of an eye, they had taken off only leaving a fiery Kirin fire on the ground.

Feng Beiyue caught the green bottle, slightly dazed.

“That’s the Emerald Yuye!” Shing exclaimed, as the Eldest young master of the family, he had seen many precious healing medicines. Yuye was a very precious medicine that not even money can buy!

Indeed, the Crown Prince was very generous!

“One of the six legendary medicine, its such a rare sight in the Carta continent. Ah~”


Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 16

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 16

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Feng Beiyue pulled up the hood of her black cape to cover her face again. Under her hood’s brim, a few strand of red hair streamed down. Her mysterious, yet cold temperament had made the others feel stunned.

Shenyan could not help but show respect to the owner of the Ice Phoenix. He knew that she was way above their level just from the fact that she contracted the Ice Phoenix.

“Sir Summoner, is this your first time here in the South Wing country?” Shenyan said respectfully.

Feng Beiyue nodded, first time? Well, you can put it that way.

“May I ask for Sir Summoner’s name?” Shenyan had just opened his mouth to ask and behind him he had already heard a shout.

“That is Lord Youtian!”

In the beginning, Feng Beiyue had no reaction to the call of her name. But after a while, she suddenly recall using that name to sign up as a mercenary at the Union so she turned her head around.

Shing led a group of mercenaries over, everyone’s expression was full of excitement.

“It is a great honor to be in the same mercenary team as you.” Shing said. He was shaking all over. The ice formed around the forest was just too cold, moreover, with the Ice Phoenix still summoned, the temperature had became even lower.

But Shing’s face was still full of excitement, his pair of eyes shining.

Feng Beiyue slightly nodded. She sneered in her heart while looking at Shing. If he found out that the Summoner he respected so much was actually his younger sister, she wondered what he would be feeling.

A Summoner who possessed an Ice Phoenix, even if her arrogance had reached the sky, it would still be forgivable! Therefore, Shing did not feel embarrassed or awkward when Feng Beiyue responded coldly to him, instead he became even more excited.

Shenyan was afraid this Xiao gentleman might recklessly offend the powerful Summoner, so he hurriedly said, “Lord Youtian, since you’ve already arrived, then you are a guest of the South Wing country, if you do not mind, how about you stay in the South Wing country for a while? Our Majesty would be pleased to welcome you.”

“I will stay in the South Wing country for a while.” Feng Beiyue did not want to leave the country before her strength had fully recovered, after all, in Princess Long’s mansion she still have many things left waiting for her to do.

“That would be great!” Shenyan said, after that he casted an excited glance at the silent Crown Prince.

Since the entire continent was at war with each other, every country had placed utmost importance on retaining strong Summoners. Afterall, strength means everything!

With the Ice Phoenix on their side, the South Wing country’s strength will increase by a whole level!

“I am Feng Zhanye, I represent the South Wing country to welcome you.” A person with similar strength as him is now staying in his country, to Zhanye, this was also a challenge, a rivalry, but also a great surprise.

Right now the South Wing country is indeed, in need of the strong!

This Crown Prince had left Feng Beiyue with a good impression. Earlier in the Misty Forest, he had let her sit on his Purple Kirin to protect her from the cold.

She was a nobody, but this proud Prince had still gone out of his way to show her kindness, it had made her feel very moved.

Feng Beiyue had always strictly discern the right and wrongs. If someone had helped her, she will repay with great grace. If someone had done the opposite, she will make sure their entire family pays the price!

“My name is Youtian, I thank Your Highness.”

A Nine-star Summoner who was full of ambitions had actually promised to stay in South Wing country, Zhanye was also slightly surprised by this turn of events.