Lan Chi Chapter 65.1

Lan Chi Chapter 65.1


Black Mirror TV Series – Playtest S3 E2 Summary

Black Mirror TV Series – Playtest S3 E2┬áSummary

I chose this episode because well, its messed up if this PlayTest was actually real…. And no thanks! I’m getting the fk out of there. Hands down. Gone.

Just that scary. So here’s how it goes…

The story started with a man who went travelling around the world after his father had died. He started this trip to avoid his mother (you selfish bastard!) who was always mourning since his fathers death. Anyway, our male lead would hookup everywhere he goes and have fun, meanwhile we would often see his mother calling his cell phone but he would never pick up (YOU ASSWIPE PICK UP UR DAMN PHONE ITS UR MAMA).

He funds himself through this app “Odd Jobs” (Its not real app I hope), where he gets paid to become a game tester for a virtual reality game from a big company. So before he starts the testing he must shut down his phone, this is to prevent him from stealing the company’s new innovations. But a jackass he is, when the admin goes out of the room he opened his phone to take pictures!

Anyway, the admin start debriefing him of what the game is for. Basically they put this ring helmet around your head and you go into the game. Inside the game they drop you off to this haunted house and his job was to stay in there for as long as he can. Now, he was told that none of the things he sees or feel is actually real, just all in his head. But the game was designed in a way that, your brain conjures shapes, objects, or things that you fear to SCARE YOURSELF. So…say you were afraid of spiders…well grats, when you’re not expecting it you’re gonna see a spider pop up in front of ya. Cheers*


The game intensity goes up the longer you stay in the game and for sure everything that pops up are the things you are most afraid of. The good thing is, the admin stays in contact with him throughout, so he hears her through a plug in his ears. Our male lead soon went from seeing a mere spider, to a person popping up behind him suddenly, these were only virtual (meaning his hands can pass through the image he saw)…then suddenly his connection with the admin is cut OFF. And he started seeing monsters that he can actually FEEL and TOUCH. (Oh yeah shit went down). Then he started having to fend for his life and got injured in the whole process (later we found out the injury is not real, obviously, just his head messing with him).

After he killed the monster, the connection came back and he asked to leave the game (More scary shits happened in between). He eventually gets out of the game and we saw him finding courage to go back home to see his mother. When he got home, his mother didn’t recognize him, just like his father who died of Alzheimer’s. Then the scene goes back to the beginning where he had the ring helmet put on his head. So apparently, even leaving the game and seeing his mother were all part of the game, it was his fears…

Suddenly, his mother called and BANG. The cellphone waves crashed with the virtual ring helmet and his brain got fried. He peaced out for real, yeah, died. We saw the game developers come in and ordering people to get rid of the body and to chart the whole process. Apparently, from all the shit our male lead went through, it was only 0.04second of real life time.

Moral of the story? Uh, don’t sign yourself up for shit, especially when you aren’t even in your own country….