Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 33.5

Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 33.5


Bless Online 2018 – MMORPG Review

Bless Online 2018 – MMORPG Review


First of all BLESS ONLINE is like my website….Coming soon…..

It is not released yet for North American players, but it will be out before 2018 ends (they said it not me…)

I played Bless Online in the Japan server for months through VPN. I have to say that the game is not nearly finalized. Despite the hype, this MMORPG is just the same as any other except you can tame pets and mounts. Anyway I will just give a brief summary of what you can or cannot do.

  1. There is two Factions, Hieron / Union, you can only choose one of them. If you are in Hieron and your friend is in Union, congrats, you can freely kill each other when you both hit level 30. Of course, you can also kill Hieron members if you click on the duel option. I don’t think you can party with both Hieron and Union members. I have not tried.
  2. Whoops, forgot to mention! Once you hit level 30, it is free-for-all, you can be killed at anywhere, anytime, even when you are talking to the NPC.
  3. You don’t lose any EXP/equipment for dying, but you will get a penalty (i.e, you run slower, your damage decrease, etc, but these only last for 5min). Or you can run back to where you died to avoid the penalty, or you can pay real $$$ to avoid the penalty.
  4. Everyday at a specific time there is a Castle Siege. People from Hieron and Union will be transferred to a special map, the purpose is to destroy each other’s base. You can some points from it which can be used to exchange for equipments/recipe/items.
  5. You can fly, swim, run up a mountain, ride a ship, ride an aircraft. Travel time depends on your DISTANCE. (if you want to go from one place to another, even if you fly, it will take a minute or two, no instant teleportation except return scroll which has a 30min CD)
  6. You can catch them all! Yeah, you can tame pets and mounts.
  7. You can gather and craft. If you want to craft a legendary equipment, no, don’t even think about it, that will take an eternity because your crafting profession level is too low.
  8. You are usually in an open field doing quests unless you go into a dungeon which has level restrictions, and entry limit for some. I was able to solo up to level 20 dungeons (level cap is currently 45). I found it impossible to solo level 30 dungeons when I’m only level 30 as well. From here on, you need a party of 5. YOU need to complete these dungeons because thats the only way to get good equipments!
  9. You will have a bunch of skills to choose from, but NOT enough skill point to level up your skills. So choose wisely.
  10. There are territory wars, so you can fight for a territory and own it. The map is yours…
  11. You can dissemble equipments that you don’t need to get a dragonball. You need a lot of dragonball to level up your equipments (max level 15). The success rate is ridiculously low, but your equipment won’t break even if it fails.
  12. I wouldn’t exactly say you need skills in this game, it mostly depends on your equipment, weapon and level. Unlike my favorite game vindicitus, if you are skilled enough you can dodge enemy attacks and solo a boss (given enough time and patience).
  13. Missions give you enough money.
  14. Because it is open map, you may have to wait for the monsters/quest items to respawn if others were there before you.


Did I Have Fun?:
Uh…for the hype no…If i treated it as a normal MMORPG to play with friends, sure…it’s nothing special…I think many people will be disappointed. If there is a huge player base I think many people will get annoyed, frustrated by how the game works. For competitive players, they will probably have the advantage because of their guild. So you don’t even have to think about owning a territory or beating a competitive player if you are a solo player. Competitive players in a good guild will obviously gear up faster and have a good party to clear dungeons. It has nothing to do with your skills, so don’t let that bother you.