Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 16

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 16

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Feng Beiyue pulled up the hood of her black cape to cover her face again. Under her hood’s brim, a few strand of red hair streamed down. Her mysterious, yet cold temperament had made the others feel stunned.

Shenyan could not help but show respect to the owner of the Ice Phoenix. He knew that she was way above their level just from the fact that she contracted the Ice Phoenix.

“Sir Summoner, is this your first time here in the South Wing country?” Shenyan said respectfully.

Feng Beiyue nodded, first time? Well, you can put it that way.

“May I ask for Sir Summoner’s name?” Shenyan had just opened his mouth to ask and behind him he had already heard a shout.

“That is Lord Youtian!”

In the beginning, Feng Beiyue had no reaction to the call of her name. But after a while, she suddenly recall using that name to sign up as a mercenary at the Union so she turned her head around.

Shing led a group of mercenaries over, everyone’s expression was full of excitement.

“It is a great honor to be in the same mercenary team as you.” Shing said. He was shaking all over. The ice formed around the forest was just too cold, moreover, with the Ice Phoenix still summoned, the temperature had became even lower.

But Shing’s face was still full of excitement, his pair of eyes shining.

Feng Beiyue slightly nodded. She sneered in her heart while looking at Shing. If he found out that the Summoner he respected so much was actually his younger sister, she wondered what he would be feeling.

A Summoner who possessed an Ice Phoenix, even if her arrogance had reached the sky, it would still be forgivable! Therefore, Shing did not feel embarrassed or awkward when Feng Beiyue responded coldly to him, instead he became even more excited.

Shenyan was afraid this Xiao gentleman might recklessly offend the powerful Summoner, so he hurriedly said, “Lord Youtian, since you’ve already arrived, then you are a guest of the South Wing country, if you do not mind, how about you stay in the South Wing country for a while? Our Majesty would be pleased to welcome you.”

“I will stay in the South Wing country for a while.” Feng Beiyue did not want to leave the country before her strength had fully recovered, after all, in Princess Long’s mansion she still have many things left waiting for her to do.

“That would be great!” Shenyan said, after that he casted an excited glance at the silent Crown Prince.

Since the entire continent was at war with each other, every country had placed utmost importance on retaining strong Summoners. Afterall, strength means everything!

With the Ice Phoenix on their side, the South Wing country’s strength will increase by a whole level!

“I am Feng Zhanye, I represent the South Wing country to welcome you.” A person with similar strength as him is now staying in his country, to Zhanye, this was also a challenge, a rivalry, but also a great surprise.

Right now the South Wing country is indeed, in need of the strong!

This Crown Prince had left Feng Beiyue with a good impression. Earlier in the Misty Forest, he had let her sit on his Purple Kirin to protect her from the cold.

She was a nobody, but this proud Prince had still gone out of his way to show her kindness, it had made her feel very moved.

Feng Beiyue had always strictly discern the right and wrongs. If someone had helped her, she will repay with great grace. If someone had done the opposite, she will make sure their entire family pays the price!

“My name is Youtian, I thank Your Highness.”

A Nine-star Summoner who was full of ambitions had actually promised to stay in South Wing country, Zhanye was also slightly surprised by this turn of events.

Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 13

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 13

In addition to being aloof, the Ice Phoenix is the most ferocious of all Spiritual Beasts!

As soon as they met, Feng Beiyue had already started searching her memories for information on the Ice Phoenix.

Her mouth slightly opened, currently in this blizzard, there was only her and this godly Ice Phoenix staring at each other.

Form a life contract? Ice Phoenix are demonic Spiritual beast that never form contracts with any human beings. Should she form a life contract with this beast?

“Obey me, Ice Phoenix!”


With an angry roar, the ice mounds surrounding them all obliterated into pieces. Huge cracks were running through the entire ice forest.

How dare a little girl be so presumptuous!

The angry Ice Phoenix unleashed a fierce pressure shrouding the entire forest. Nobody would even dare to get close.

Feng Beiyue heard the Ice Phoenix’s angry roar and quickly jumped away from the cracks. With lightening speed, Feng Beiyue dodged the incoming ice shards and quickly ran towards the Forest Moon Valley.

“Little girl, you want to escape?!” The Ice Phoenix grew more angry and chased after her.


Hmph! We still don’t know who will be the one running away in the end!

The lips of Feng Beiyue raised up in the usual self-confidence.

The closer she got to the Forest Moon Valley, the more her heartbeat quickens. She’s close. When she got to the edge of the cliff, unexpectedly, she jumped right off the tall cliff.

The Ice Phoenix chased behind her in full speed, when he was close enough to release another ice shard attack, Feng Beiyue had jumped off the cliff, the ice shards missed its target and hit the ground.

Feng Beiyue maneuvered around as if she had already predicted the Ice Phoenix’s movement. Suddenly, her free-fall stopped as she reached out to grab a vine on the cliff.  With full force she swung her body towards the top of the cliff.

Then she released the vine and let herself fall again.

At the same time, the Ice Phoenix had already dived deep down into the bottom of the valley. Because its body was too huge and the valley cliff was too narrow, it cannot immediately turn and give chase to Feng Beiyue.

This had all happened in a blink of an eye!

Feng Beiyue fell down on top of the Ice Phoenix’s head and pressed her hand on it.

“Again, obey me, Ice Phoenix!”

An immense black aura escaped from the palm of Feng Beiyue’s hand and penetrated the hard iced head of the Ice Phoenix



The Ice Phoenix raised his head and roared towards the sky. His emerald eyes quickly turned black and with a flash, it faded away, leaving behind a thick dark green color.

Seeing this change Feng Beiyue let out a satisfied smile.

The Ice Phoenix had obeyed her without forming a life contract. Generally, if she formed a life contract with the Spiritual Beast, their life and death would become tightly linked together. If one dies, the linked partner would also perish.

Feng Beiyue would never do business with a poor insurance policy!

Feng Beiyue slowly lifted her palm off the Ice Phoenix’s head. A large area of her palm were bleeding and lying in the middle of it was the Boundless Beast black jade.


Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 12

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 12

Feng Beiyue raised her head and stared at the Crown Prince. With a swift motion, Feng Beiyue climbed up onto the Purple Kirin which had made the beast growl in displease. The Crown Prince simply patted his back to sooth the Purple Kirin.

“Don’t get too close, and stop when I say so.” A hoarse voice rang out under the black coat.

Crown Prince raised an eyebrow. She was the first person ever who have dared to be so arrogant in front of him.

On top of the Misty Forest, thick clouds began to form. Snowflakes began to fall, covering the silent forest.

The deeper one ventures into the forest, the more uneasy one feels.

“Stop.” Feng Beiyue whispered.

The Crown Prince really stopped.

Feng Beiyue jumped off the Purple Kirin, her petite figure standing perfectly still on top of the thick ice. Beneath her fluttering cape, she emanated a cold noble aura.

She had actually dared to go into the Misty Forest which even the Purple Kirin had feared. Is she also a Summoner? How many stars does she have? Perhaps, she had also formed a contract with a Spiritual beast? The Crown Prince’s mind was filled with questions. He was very interested in this person.

Feng Beiyue slowly walked forward a few steps, but suddenly, her heart skipped a beat. A strong energy had penetrated into her body. With quick footwork, she immediately dashed off.

“Hey!” The Crown Prince shouted. But before she could even hear him, she had already disappeared into the forest.

In the center of the forest, many big and small ice mounds could be seen. The ice mounds reflected the color of the blue sky and seemed to shine with radiance.

The world seems to be infinitely vast.

The black robed maiden stood aloof on the ice, letting the fluttering wind blow against her cloak, her pure black eyes stared ahead.

“My name is Feng Beiyue!”


Her voice had pierced through the blizzard, a voice that was filled with ruthless arrogance and pride.

A battle against a beast, she would never lose!

She was born to be on top of the world, any rules that meet Feng Beiyue were all meant to be broken!

Responding to her voice, the huge Ice Bird appeared on top of her head.

The Ice Phoenix treated the blizzard as if it was nothing. Flapping its huge iced wings, he slowly landed in front of Feng Beiyue. The extraordinary beast emitted a heavy pressure that had caused all the nearby ice to crack.

One of the cracks gradually extended to the foot of Feng Beiyue, but finally stopped when it reached her toes.

Feng Beiyue stood motionless, her expression unchanged still as cold as ever.

The Ice Phoenix stared at her with his emerald eyes.

“My name is Ice Phoenix, little girl, do you want to form a life contract with me?” The surrounding area became even colder with each word the Ice Phoenix spat out.

But the cold does not seem to affect Feng Beiyue at all. The Ice Phoenix’s eyes flashed a hint of surprise. God level Spiritual Beasts all possessed a mind similar to humans and have their own consciousness.

Since the ancient times, the Ice Phoenix clan was known to be proud and aloof. Never has anyone heard of them forming a contract with a human!




Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 11

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 11

Surrounded by the purple flame was the Crown Prince who wore a cool black robe. The Crown Prince had also saw a glimpse of Feng Beiyue.

“My Lord Prince!”

Shing suddenly rode on excitedly. “It’s been a while since our separation from the North, it is good to finally see you again!”

The Purple Kirin’s flame was just too powerful, even if he did not attack, it was still hard for the others to get close.

Xiao Shing was the Crown Prince’s long-distance relative, sort of. Since Princess Long married the current General, his Concubine’s sons and daughters would also become a royal.

The Crown Prince had recalled that Shing’s strength was also quite good. Last time, when they were at war with the barbarians in the North, Shing had left him a good impression. Usually, the children’s of a rich family would be timid on the battlefield, afraid to even take another step forward however Shing was different.

“Gentleman Xiao, you are also going to the Misty Forest?”

“Under my father’s order, I was supposed to go to the Misty Forest to find the Blue Spiritual Fruit.” To be able to speak with the Crown Prince, it had made Shing very excited, his face became slightly red.

The mercenary party that he currently led was only formed temporarily, all of them were decent in strength but were very arrogant. Even though he is from the Xiao family, in Carta continent, only a person’s strength matter, their identity came second.

But as long as these mercenaries see that he has a good relationship with their Royal Highness, these people will certainly serve him! Shing’s little mind, how could the Crown Prince not have caught on to his intentions, he had only wanted to exchange a few polite words and then leave. At the same time, inside the Misty Forest a loud BANG could be heard.


A sudden roar.

Just then, the clear blue sky became cloudy.

The Purple Kirin became agitated and raised his head towards the sky, he had also issued a roar  and had looked very triggered.

“There seems to be an accident, Your Highness, you should go back to the palace first, this servant will go inquire about the situation” A middle-aged man came forward, he possessed a Spirit Eagle and on his collar, a Six-star Summoner pattern was engraved at the rim.

“Its still too early to go back to the palace, I will also go and see.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he looked up and saw Feng Beiyue ride full-speed towards the direction of the Misty Forest.

He unexpectedly felt a strange, heavy feeling in his heart, he immediately rode his Purple Kirin to catch up.

Misty Forest was located in the outskirts of the city, it wasn’t very large, but because many demon spirits were roaming within the forest, its level of danger was also very high. Even a senior warrior would not dare to break in alone.

But Feng Beiyue was not afraid. Her past life had greatly enriched her with experiences of danger and moreover, she can accurately distinguish the current level of danger.

Besides, in a world that follows the law of nature, she is definitely the king!

After riding the horse deep into the forest, one could feel a slight chill seeping into the bones. In front of them, they could clearly see that parts of the Misty Forest had been completely frozen up, becoming a world of ice!

The horse sat down next the ice, afraid to move any closer. Feng Beiyue simply abandoned the horse and walked on. She could feel her body’s blood boiling up. She can feel an energy that is heaven shaking. This aura is definitely not one below of the Purple Kirin!

Soon after, the Crown Prince caught up with his Purple Kirin.

“Come on up.” The Crown Prince reached his hand out towards Feng Beiyue.

In the forest, everywhere was frozen with ice, even with his Purple Kirin’s fire protection, he can still feel an intermittent chill. Seeing that Feng Beiyue’s body was so thin, he was afraid that Feng Beiyue cannot endure.



Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 10

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 10

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Shing nodded and then greeted Feng Beiyue more respectfully this time, “I am Xiao Shing, please excuse my rudeness.”

The Xiao family is considered to be one of the big families in South Wing country. Their strength was fairly strong. Whenever their name was mentioned the receiving party would usually be shocked, however, this dwarf Youtian had actually given him no reaction. After a faint nod, Youtian simply got on one of the horses.

Youtian’s cool and natural motion had made Shing bore a bit of admiration towards him.

To begin with, a strong warrior should be arrogant, however this dwarf had yet to see his strength and already put on a dismissive attitude. In a while, he decided to show this dwarf a few tricks to surprise her.

Shortly after, more than 20 mercenaries marched towards the Misty Forest outside of the city. Halfway through, suddenly, a very stylish team were slowly approaching them from afar. In that team, numerous Summoners could be seen!

The place that they had just passed by was filled with blazing fire, a cold frost Qi could be seen mixed within. (Qi is kind of like spiritual aura that emanates from the body)

In addition to these summoners, there were two more Summoners who possessed flying spirits, one following behind the other.

Flying right above them was a spiritual beast covered with purple flames. His huge body emitted a fiery light which seemed to dance around like rainbow. In front of that purple fiery flame, all the lights in this world seem to pale in comparison.

“It’s the Purple Kirin!” (Kirin is a mythical creature in the legends…)

“It’s the Crown Prince’s Royal Kirin! Wah! As one of the ‘five godly beasts’ in this world, its strength is just too terrifying!”


The mercenary team immediately stopped to watch, all of them bore a look of admiration.

Summoners! They were definitely the most envied profession of all martial artists. Who knows how many people had dreamed to become one of them.

Summoners who were able to summon Spirital Beasts were considered to be absolutely strong. Within the continent these people were definitely considered to be the top warriors. And furthermore, their Crown Prince, Zhanye, is only 16 years old. He is already a Nine-star Intermediate Summoner and his spiritual beast is one of the continent’s top Five Spirit, “Purple Kirin.”

(I think the story doesn’t explain that well, so I will clarify the classes. Martial artists are basically people who use Kungfu, hands/swords, etc. Summoners are a class above them and are extremely rare. Summoners usually use regular beasts. Meanwhile, Spiritual beasts are the strongest and most rare)

He is basically the most talented Summoner in the entire Carta continent for the last hundreds of years!

Within the South Wing country, as long as one mentions the name of the Crown Prince they would all become excited in reverence. The Royal Crown Prince was the entire South Wing country’s pride!

From afar, Feng Beiyue could also feel the presence of the Purple Kirin. His fire attribute was insanely strong, the King of all beasts!

Sitting on the Kirin’s back was a handsome young man wearing a black suit. He had a dignified atmosphere that can make any youngster drop in admiration!


16 years old, Nine-star Intermediate Summoner, possessed one of the top five Spiritual beasts….Purple Kirin…. This piece of information drifted in Feng Beiyue’s mind, ah…indeed, this is a real genius.

The god’s favoured one…

If one really had to compare him with Xiaoyun, then Xiaoyun’s talent would immediately dim in comparison. The difference between them was simply too large, it was like comparing the earth’s dust with the brightly shining moon. How could one even call Xiaoyun a genius?

The gorgeous team soon arrived in front of the mercenary team.

Of all the people there, only Feng Beiyue didn’t care, with her black cape flying behind her, she looked calm as usual.

The people from the Crown Prince’s team had noticed a person on the side with a strange black cape. From one glance they could tell that this was just a temporary mercenary team, probably assembled to complete a task together. However, how could this person be so calm after seeing them?






Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 8

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 8

Feng Beiyue covered herself completely with a black cloak she had found in her closet. Her face was covered by the hood rim. After confirming that no one would recognize her, she walked out of the room.

Cloud Pavilion was the most remote courtyard in Princess Long’s mansion. Normally, if it weren’t to bully the Princess, nobody would come.

The 2-3 meter high door-gate was easy for her to jump over, although she cannot channel her internal essence yet, she had not forgotten what she had learned from her previous life.

Even in this era, she can still be considered a top Martial Arts master!

The capital of the South Wing country was a huge city with a long history. The capital had a large population and was quite developed. If one walked in the streets, one would find the streets to be very spacious, it can easily accommodate more than 10 horse carriages. Magnificent buildings could be found everywhere, bustling lively with activity.

Vendors from various countries could be seen setting up stalls and many people were wearing strange costumes, thus, Feng Beiyue’s black cloak had not caused any special attention.

On the East side of capital was South Wing country’s largest trading market, Bougire Market. Here, one can find a variety of precious herbs, gems, treasures being traded off, as well as mercenaries. Each day, hundreds of mercenaries would come here to pick up a new task or to resell the materials that they obtained.

The Princess had never been to Bougire Market before, but from her memory, Feng Beiyue was able to pinpoint their location and arrive at their front door. Inside, many loud voices rang out and many strong-bodied mercenaries were walking around.

Several big, dark-skinned mercenaries passed by Feng Beiyue. She was only at the height of those mercenaries waist!

“Hahaha! Baby doll, don’t come here to play!” A mercenary said in a coarse voice.

Mercenaries usually have a forthright, careless personality. Feng Beiyue had encountered many of those people before in her previous life, therefore, she was not frightened.

Feng Beiyue nimbly walked past the large crowd and arrived to the center. There, she saw countless of small stalls, but Feng Beiyue only focused on the ones that sold medicinal herbs. She needed to find something to treat Dongling’s wounds and some for herself to treat her weak, poisoned body.


Before she is strong enough, she don’t want to blatantly get medicine from Princess Long’s mansion.

If she isn’t certain of victory, she would never easily show her hand.

But after she inquired the price of some herbs, Feng Beiyue was left staggering.

After so many years of being bullied by her family, the Princess was left with no money, even the inheritances that her mother had left behind for her was robbed away by them.

But she also understood that ‘money’ was very important, it doesn’t matter which era you are from, Money is certainly the most important.

But now that she’s in a hurry, she needs to find a way to get money!

Think, think, Feng Beiyue thought as she walked towards the other side of the market where many mercenaries were gathering.

Even spending 10 copper coins to officially register as a mercenary had already made Feng Beiyue feel broke. She only had 20 coppers in total, and some scattered coins in her pocket.

Make money! I have to make money!!!

Next, she went to the Union’s Job Market. A huge white board was lying there covered with a variety of mercenary jobs. Each job was categorized by different levels, and their reward was also different.

Feng Beiyue directly ignored the low-leveled ones and went straight to the advanced job section.

At the advanced job section there were many people, only those who were strong dared to stand here. To suddenly see Feng Beiyue, a person with a small thin body, everyone had shown a surprised look.



Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 7

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 7

Feng Beiyue tried to recall the information of this world. Carta continent, the turbulence had persisted for over 100 years, thus, directly causing the people of this continent to revere the strong. As long as one was strong enough, one can gain authority in any country.

The war had created a number of different profession, most belonged to the martial arts class which took up about 4/5th of the total population.

The rest of the population were Summoners, Alchemist, and Illusionist. However, these three classes were strictly determined by one’s blood. Therefore, the number of people in these three professions were just too low, too rare. For example, as long as one produce a little bit of achievement as a Summoner they will become a great existence in the country.


The Xiao family, had long been carrying the heritage of martial artists in the South Wing Country. Her grandfather is a highly respected Seven-star Summoner who possessed the spiritual beast, Fire Leopard. But her father, although a great martial artist, could not step into the realm of Summoners.

On the contrary her younger sister, Xiaoyun, inherited their grandfather’s bloodline. Since the early days she had already revealed rare talent of the summoning division. Even now in the South Wing Country, she was extremely famous.

Summoners and their summoned beast would first have to form a contract. In the past she had also tamed a beast before (her black eagle). The difference was, she simply made them yield to her strength, while now, she would have to form a contract.

Feng Beiyue stretched herself and stood up to get a cup of cold tea to drink. Suddenly the door was slammed opened and a bloody figure fell in.


Feng Beiyue immediately put down her teacup and went over to pick up the person on the ground. She looked at the girl and recognized her, she was a servant girl who grew up with the Princess.

In the entire household, only Dongling had not abandoned her. These two helped each other to survive in this household. The hardships from her memories swelled up.

“Dongling what happened?”

Dongling raised her head and only started crying after confirming that the Princess was fine.

“Miss, you are fine, that’s great, this servant was afraid that something might have happened to you, so I went to Concubine Qin, but then…”

Looking at her body covered with whiplashes, Feng Beiyue already figured out what happened.

That Stepmother Qin was really too domineering, because her dad favors her and she also bore the eldest son of the family, Xiao Shing, she had always been posing as the main wife of the household. (So, the main wife holds power in the family, the Concubines usually don’t)

The Princess was bullied for many years, and finally, she was left in the cold ancestral temple to die. Feng Beiyue held her fist tightly, this vengence, she will definitely return it 10 times more.

She lifted Dongling up and put her onto the bed. Dongling was shocked and looked at Feng Beiyue strangely.


When did the Princess suddenly gain so much strength? She couldnt even carry a bucket of water before…Dongling thought to herself, she could feel that the current Princess was different from before.

From the Princess’ eyes, a noble aura could be seen, as if she was born with arrogance. Just her standing there was enough to belittle the world. She looked very enchanting!

Dongling stared at her for a bit longer, am I seeing things? Am i dreaming?

“Princess?” Is this really the Princess she had served since her childhood?

“You rest first, no need to say anything more, I will go get you some medicine.” Feng Beiyue calmly said, she saw that Dongling had looked at her with curious eyes, but now is not the time for explanation.

Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 6

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 6

Feng Beiyue…His trip to Princess Long’s mansion had ended up giving him unexpected harvest.

When she was supposed to be cruel she would not show any mercy, when she’s supposed to be coolheaded she would not turn her head around, to him, that girl was very interesting.

“Your Highness…” A whisper came from the darkness

With a wave, his white clothes gently flying, he instantly disappeared into the night.

———-Northern Moon Dynasty———-

Cloud Pavilion

This is the most remote courtyard of Princess Long’s mansion. The grass is overgrown and the shadows under the tree seems to be whirling. At night, the shadows made by the trees can really frighten someone to death.

Shortly after her mother had passed away, the Princess’ physician had claimed that she was suffering from an infectious disease and that it might infect others. So the family instantly moved her away to a deserted courtyard.

She used to live in the Green Water Courtyard, but now it belongs to her Stepmother Snow and her stepsister Xiaoyun.


Miss Xiaoyun, at the age of 15, had became a Third-star summoner. She was a rare genius within the South Wing Country. Other than the current Crown prince, Miss Xiaoyun was currently the hottest topic.

Therefore, Xiaoyun was loved by everyone in the family. Even Concubine Qin who had given birth to the eldest son in the family would not dare to provoke her.

Xiaoyun and her stepmother Snow, in her memories, was not particularly harsh to her, unlike the Concubine Qin who would always beat her. But it was also because the arrogant Xiaoyun had always looked down on her, so she did not bother with her.

Feng Beiyue recalled the Princess’ memories, when she was seriously ill, Stepmother Snow would always bring her medicine to eat.

Wait, that doesn’t seem right!

Feng Beiyue quickly went to the kitchen, in the cold dark room she lit a small candle and smelled the medicine that her Stepmother Snow usually prepares for her.

Beiyue’s eyebrow quickly wrinkled, surely, it had smelled strange.

There were traces of poison in the pot. One dose will not be fatal, however within time, the body will become more and more weak and finally, the whole body will become limp. The person won’t die, but be rendered crippled, unable to move for the rest of their life.

Good poison, hmph, no wonder the princess’ body had always been so poor. Even when Princess Long was alive and had invited many doctors treat her, she did not get better.

This trace of poison was difficult to find, only Feng Beiyue, who had tested many poisons before would notice this smell.

Stepmother Snow, Princess Long had always treated you well, yet when she passed away you are not only ungrateful but had also wanted to poison her only daughter to death!

Feng Beiyue sat down, straighten out and started to circulate her essence. These people, she will surely but slowly, remove all of them!

Just killing them is too merciful!

The sun was slowly rising, Feng Beiyue wasn’t even a bit tired, but whenever she tried to circulate her essence, once the essence hits the core, it will suddenly disappear.

“Sh*t! This body is really trash!”

Being sick was fine, but now she can’t even circulate her essence!

In this era, where martial arts determines one’s status, only the powerful will be able to stand tall! No wonder though she was Princess Long’s sole daughter, she had still became the laughingstock of the entire country.

No one will sympathetize with the weak! Only the strong will be respected!