Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review

Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review


Improves skin elasticity, tighten pores, hydrates skin


Does this Work?:
Nope. To me, sleeping masks are convenient, you sleep with them and they should magically make your face look better. So I am always keen on trying these out. Unfortunately, I do remember buying this specifically because they claimed that they could tighten pores. Hey! Who doesn’t want poreless skin? amIright? Too bad, this is like Laniege sleeping mask. It only works when you have it on and once you wash it off, 12o’clock comes, magics over, your skin goes back to the way it was before. No effect. Like why do I need tightened pores when I’m asleep? I need it when i’m awake!!!

I also don’t think it hydrated my skin…so…that was that…but its 15$ what did I expect? lols…

Would I Buy this Again?:
Nope. One bottle is enough…think I bought 2 because it was on sale…so I threw them out sad T_T my moneyyyy

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review


Cleanse and hydrate skin

$44/24oz (will last at least 6 months or more)

Does it Work?:
Yes, but this isn’t the question of it working or not. I’ve rarely ever seen a cleanser that doesn’t actually cleanse, so at most it will break you out. So let’s go to the Should I buy this instead…

Would I Buy this Again?:
No. Despite it being award-winning and raved like its the best product on earth, NO! First, it is expensive and over-priced. It cleanse just like any other cleanser, it’s not like I feel extra-clean. I also don’t feel hydrated after using it, instead I think it dries my skin up. I can actually smell alcohol when I use this. I think originally they didn’t include alcohol chemicals in this product but you know, when your product becomes a hit, companies add things in to make the production cost cheaper so they profit more. (The first people who bought this product claimed that there was no alcohol included previously….I just bought this recently so I can’t say)

It did not break me out, but it certainly doesn’t help with any acne problems or oily skin. It doesn’t make your skin worse though….at least not yet for me…I will still finish my bottle because it was expensive…

0 Thumbs up for this….i want refund!!!!

Kate Somerville – Eradikate Acne Treatment Review

Kate Somerville – Eradikate Acne Treatment Review


How to Use:
Use a Qtip and dip into bottle until you reach the pink powder. Then simply dab it on your pimple/red spots. DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE.


Does it work?: 
Yes, it does work!

For small pimples or red spots, this only takes 1-3 days to fade away the redness.

For cystic acne or pimples with white stuff sticking out, this will NOT clear it, this powder will only make it mature faster. Meaning, you can pop your pimple a few day earlier. Never pop a pimple that has not FULLY MATURED! Or you will get scars.

For blackhead/whitehead pimple (you feel something inside your pimple but no white stuff is sticking out) you can use this, it will also fade your redness faster and your pimple will shrink faster. However, you still have to get the stuff inside out. (Things don’t magically disappear from inside of your skin)

Blackhead/whitehead pimple or cystic acne usually cause scars that take roughly a year to fade entirely. So be careful with what you put on your face, because some acne treatments can give you recurrent acne if you use it wrongly.

How I Use This Pimple Powder Solution:
First of all, what works for me may not work for you.

I only use this solution AFTER I get facial done in spa (beauty assistants who manually poke out all your blackhead and pimple that have matured). At nighttime, after you wash your face, put on your usual toner (I only use hydrating toner). Then use a Qtip and dip a tiny amount of pink powder and swish it over your red spots. Make sure that the pink powder on your face is thin enough that you can still see your red spots clearly. (If you put too much on, it will block your pore and you will get recurrent acne). The redness and acne will be gone within 2-3 days, if you are young and do intense exercise it can be gone within 1 day. Also remember to use one qtip per red spot to not cross-contaminate, especially for people with cystic acne.

Will I Buy Again?:
Yes…I usually buy korean brands because they are cheaper and they work just the same…however I do realize the 15$ ones don’t work as well as the 20$+

I will review other pink pimple powder later…