Laniege – Multi Cleanser Review

Laniege – Multi Cleanser Review


So I used Laniege products the most in my entire life. I loved its smell and how light it seems to be on the skin. I don’t like having random chemicals in my skin product because I have combination acne-prone skin. Its just too sensitive and I break out easily from chemical heavy products.


Does this Work?:
Yes. I loved this product a while back…now? Not as much. Here’s why:

I first used this many years ago, at that time, I was an acne-face yeah, fun. So, I would often get acne from other cleansers but after using this, my acne seem to stabilize much more (meaning i grew less acne). My skin also seem to clear up faster and became more radiant. (I’m not bullshitting this is why I stuck with this for many years on and off).

The reason why I stopped using this was because if you look at the picture I posted, it looks different than the ones you see sold in stores. I used the first generation of Multi Cleanser or so… By the time they switched packaging about 4 times I can tell you the formula had changed. How I knew? Because it is evident on my skin, it is no longer as potent or works as well. I would even get a few pimple from this.

But because I loved this product so much previously I gave it another shot about half a year ago. It still works, but just not the way it had for my skin once upon a time. But I do notice that after using this for ~2 months my skin did clear up nicely again. So perhaps give it time before you see some result. Your skin clears up because it contains some exfoliating products inside. But anyway, it just wasn’t as gentle as the first batch. But that’s how every company works…

Would I Buy This Again?:
Yes, it has a fair price, lasts for a year, works well. But not the “best” it could’ve been anymore… so I will be searching for other ones. This will always be one of my go back to products.

G.M Collin – Derm Renewal Gel Review

G.M Collin – Derm Renewal Gel Review


How to Use:
Wash your face first then put an adequate amount on your face.

To treat acne-prone or oily skin, evens out skin tone, exfoliates skin. Contains AHA + BHA.

$40/bottle (I think online sells this for cheaper, but if I can, I will only buy from retailers that are certified to sell their product to avoid buying fake ones…)

Does it work?:
Yes, and no. I am very conflicted about this product, there are too many pros and cons.

Yes, because it does help your acne scars fade faster. It also helps your pimples mature faster so you can poke it out if you like. It does make your skin less oily…

No, because the downside is, if you put this on your entire face, you might get new pimples. Why? Because this product works almost like an exfoliator. (When you exfoliate you get rid of your dead skill cells so new skin cells can regenerate faster. Now, sometimes your dead skin cells can get trapped within your pores, thus you get another new pimple. This is also why it can make your pimple scars fade away faster. Over-exfoliating is also very bad for your skin…I will make a post about that in the future.)

So I ended up only using this on my pimple spots and not on my T-zone as directed by my beautician (I have oily T-zone).

You can still use it despite the cons, I still use it whenever I get hormonal acne.

How I Use it:
I only use this 2-3days AFTER my pimple had popped by itself, or I decided to poke out the mature ones (only mature ones don’t leave a scar and fade away within 2-3 days for youngster and about 1-3 weeks for adults). I don’t use it on the same day because if your pimple had just popped, your skin would be raw and inflamed, if you put exfoliating type products on it, well congrats, you just signed yourself up for recurrent acne.

Would I buy it Again?:
No, this is my last bottle considering the cons and its price. I will be searching for other acne scar fading products instead.