Lazer Acne Treatment Review

Lazer Acne Treatment Review


So, as a person who used to be an acne-face, I have basically tried every acne treatment you can think of. This is only a picture that resembles the machine that my beautician had used, I do not own this machine obviously…

$30/each lazer treatment (I bought a package for 5 lazer treatments $150, otherwise it will be $35 for each lazer treatment). I needed at least 3 treatments to see result.

Also, the place I go to is priced cheaper than MOST spa or beauty centers. I was one of their first customer so I get a lot of discount. In other stores I believe it will be roughly $60 per treatment…:(

Does it Work?:
Yes, but please read the fully story first…

By the time I had gotten lazer acne treatment I was already nearly pimple-free. The lazer treatment was supposed to be for hair removal for my legs but the beautician had made a mistake and thought my package was for lazer acne treatment instead, so I got a free trial I guess?

Anyway, fastforward, at the end I purchased it for my upper lips because even though I was almost acne-free, my upper lips seem to always get whitehead which gets clogged and turns into inflamed pimple, etc. It was annoying because cmon, it’s right in the middle of my face!

By my 4th lazer treatment, I no longer get anymore whitehead or pimple on my upper lips, yes no relapse for months! and the dark spots all cleared up. Another perk is, this lazer treatment also removes hair on my upper lip, I don’t have hairy upper lip ok! But it was a bonus so why not?

Will I Buy it Again?:
Yes, it does work and acne don’t grow on that spot anymore…I don’t understand the mechanic behind lazer treatment but whatever works right? 🙂

Acne Prescription Review

Does it work?:
Yes, Acne Prescriptions recommended by skin specialists do work.

$50-60 (for two prescription creams)

Should I See A Skin Specialist?:
When I was 15, I started getting pimples all over my face. I tried many OTC products, high-end brands, nothing just seem to work. The pimples had killed my self-confidence and I just couldn’t bring myself to raise my head and look at others. My mom was worried that the pimples might leave scars on my face (How is she going to marry me off? lol). To a girl, this was a nightmare. My mom brought me to my family doctor, from him, he booked me in for a skin specialist appointment.

I received a smelly cream (neither the doctor or pharmacist told me what exactly it was, but they did mention that it will heal my acne. So I didn’t care, I’ll put whatever on as long as it works). I also received a 0.5% Retinol Cream? or was it 0.25%, sorry my memory is quite bad. When I had first started these prescriptions, I had bad pimple breakouts for the first 1-3 months but I continued to use it as per doctor instructions.

After about half a year, all my acne cleared off, I continued on with the prescription for another one year. By then, my face was completely clear, and flawless. No scars. This was where sh*t went down. Because my face was clear of pimples for months I decided to stop the prescriptions.

The moment I stopped my prescriptions my acne came back. Just like before, so I resumed my prescriptions, stopped, this cycle happened few times and I realized, if I wanted to be acne-free I would have to stick with these prescription cream forever! But I didn’t want to stick with it forever. It took me a lot of courage to discontinue it, but at the end, I found other products and methods that worked for me.

So should you see a specialist? That depends on what they give you. I don’t believe in temporarily relief. I need and want permanent relief. If you don’t mind sticking with the same prescription creams forever, then go ahead.

If you have wart-acne PLEASE DO GO SEE A SPECIALIST.

Note: I had cystic acne all over my cheeks.