Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 14

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 14

If Feng Beiyue didn’t possess this Boundless Beast black jade then she would not have ventured to conquer this mighty beast.

She was just testing the power of the black jade, who knew the black jade had such an overwhelming power!

In her era, this piece of black jade was left in the dust for the longest time.

“Master.” Once the Spiritual Beast decides to obey, it will be able to form telepathy with their owner. Feng Beiyue could hear the Ice Phoenix’s voice.

“If I had known that Master was such a powerful Summoner, I would not have resisted, please forgive my rudeness just now.” The Ice Phoenix meekly said, his arrogance completely gone.

Once the demon beast surrenders, they would no longer harbor ambidextrous thoughts.


Feng Beiyue gently patted his head, since she had already tamed such a Godly Spiritual Beast, she now felt more satisfied with her own strength.

“My body is very weak right now, I believe you can already feel it, so I need you to protect me before I am fully recovered.”

The Ice Phoenix was fully aware of Feng Beiyue’s empty body. She lacked essences that a normal Summoner would have had. Previously, he thought that Feng Beiyue deliberately hid her strength, but now he knows that is not the case.

The Ice Phoenix who had just learned of this fact was not frustrated at all, even though surrendering to a human without vigour was not only considered a shameful thing, but a very terrible one at that!

But she was a master of the catalytic, she does not need to rely on strength to conquer any beasts.

Because she would conquer them with extraordinary horror instead!

How strong of a master would that be? One that did not need to use essences to make the beast yield, this was never heard of through the ages!

“Master, rest assured, I swear on my life to protect you!”

He had such a powerful master, what else did he need to say? Of course he would follow her!

Another reason was that he had wanted to see her original power. When that time comes, to what extent would her strength be?

Feng Beiyue nodded, and simply said, “Usually, you will have to hide yourself, don’t let others find out about your existence, do not come out without my call.”

In this strange continent there can be danger anywhere and at any time, she would always remember to leave a trump card in her sleeve for last measures.

“Yes, master.”

“Let’s go up!”

The wings of the Ice Phoenix fluttered and soared high into the sky, the giant Ice Phoenix could been seen all over the iced Misty Forest.

On the back of the Ice Phoenix was a petite figure wearing a black cloak. The wind blew off the hood and her long flaming red hair came out!

Feng Beiyue was also surprised by this, she realized that with the Boundless Beast jade in her hand, her appearance had reverted back to how she looked like in the 21st century!. Her hair had returned back to the dazzling fiery red! Her face had also changed back to her original appearance, right before she was brought into this strange world.

She realized that if she broke contact with the Boundless Beast jade, she would immediately revert back to her appearance of the sickly ill Princess.


Well, this way was also not bad either!

“Your Highness, isn’t that the Ice Phoenix, another one of the top five Spiritual Beasts?” A six-star Summoner Shenyan said as he looked up at the sky, his gaze never left the Ice Phoenix.

Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 9

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 9

“This job is posted by Xiao family. We are short on close-combat mercenaries. Those who are interested may come and try! The pay is very high!”

The advanced job was posted up by a man, the content was to find a Blue Spirit fruit within the famous Misty Forest.

The Blue Spirit Fruit was considered to be a type of herb that can strengthen one’s body. If one uses it to train it can double the speed of their cultivation. The fruit is considered to be an extremely precious treasure because it would only blossom once every three years.

When Feng Beiyue was 10 years old, she could already be considered a master at martial arts.

Several people had already signed up, Feng Beiyue also squeezed past the crowd wanting to sign up as well. Due to her short stature, when she had passed by, a few mercenaries immediately let out few burly laughs.

“Kid, don’t cause trouble for others, the brothers here are very busy!” A mercenary burst into a hearty laugh.

Feng Beiyue instantly took out the dagger that was sheathed at the mercenary’s waist. Her speed was so fast that before their eyes could even react she had already pointed the dagger towards the mercenary’s heart.

If it weren’t for the dagger being too short, the sword would have already pierced his neck!

Sigh, a 12 years old’s body is really inconvenient…

The mercenary immediately paled, and the people around him looked at the scene in shock. This small person was incredibly fast, her movements swift (they don’t know her gender but I’m using her for now), her strength was definitely one of a senior warrior!

IN this world, the strong must be respected. With Feng Beiyue’s little performance, everyone’s attitude instantly changed, from being dismissive to one full of respect.

She sheathed the dagger back to the mercenary’s waist and deliberately used a hoarse voice, “Excuse me.”

“No, I’m the one who was in the wrong. Will this warrior please forgive my rude behavior from earlier.” The mercenary was very embarrassed but not mad, he bowed deeply to Feng Beiyue as an apology.

Such a forthright temperament, Feng Beiyue thought to herself, she now had a better impression of the warriors in this era.

“So strong! Sir Warrior, would you like to join us on this mission?”

The man who had just posted the advanced job sincerely invited her. From this, one can see that the strong was well-respected.

Feng Beiyue nodded, of course! She was willing to join as long as the pay was high.

“May I ask for your name, Sir Warrior?”


She had used that very same name when she registered at the Union.

In this mercenary team, the eldest son of the Xiao family was the team leader.

Previously, Feng Beiyue had simply thought that the leader of the team possessed the same Surname as her own family, but who would’ve thought the world was such a small place! This Xiao gentleman was actually Shing, the Princess’ elder brother!


Shing’s strength was quite good, at 18 years old, he was already promoted to an Imperial Silver Warrior. He had his own group of military soldiers, looked dashingly handsome and had an unrestrained personality. He was literally every maiden’s dream lover.

When the Princess was young, he would often tease her. But later, when they grew up, he also started to cause troubles for the Princess so whenever the Princess saw him she would cry.

Now that this scoundrel was within her grasp, Feng Beiyue would let him taste a bit of pain!

“Fanfan, this is the senior warrior you had found?”

Shing rode on a tall black horse, his body covered with shiny silver armor, he looked down at the dwarf Feng Beiyue (they can’t see her face so they don’t recognize her)

The man named Fanfan was the Union’s main mercenary recruiter. Hearing Shing’s voice filled with disdain and suspicion he hurriedly whispered a few words to his ears.

Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 8

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 8

Feng Beiyue covered herself completely with a black cloak she had found in her closet. Her face was covered by the hood rim. After confirming that no one would recognize her, she walked out of the room.

Cloud Pavilion was the most remote courtyard in Princess Long’s mansion. Normally, if it weren’t to bully the Princess, nobody would come.

The 2-3 meter high door-gate was easy for her to jump over, although she cannot channel her internal essence yet, she had not forgotten what she had learned from her previous life.

Even in this era, she can still be considered a top Martial Arts master!

The capital of the South Wing country was a huge city with a long history. The capital had a large population and was quite developed. If one walked in the streets, one would find the streets to be very spacious, it can easily accommodate more than 10 horse carriages. Magnificent buildings could be found everywhere, bustling lively with activity.

Vendors from various countries could be seen setting up stalls and many people were wearing strange costumes, thus, Feng Beiyue’s black cloak had not caused any special attention.

On the East side of capital was South Wing country’s largest trading market, Bougire Market. Here, one can find a variety of precious herbs, gems, treasures being traded off, as well as mercenaries. Each day, hundreds of mercenaries would come here to pick up a new task or to resell the materials that they obtained.

The Princess had never been to Bougire Market before, but from her memory, Feng Beiyue was able to pinpoint their location and arrive at their front door. Inside, many loud voices rang out and many strong-bodied mercenaries were walking around.

Several big, dark-skinned mercenaries passed by Feng Beiyue. She was only at the height of those mercenaries waist!

“Hahaha! Baby doll, don’t come here to play!” A mercenary said in a coarse voice.

Mercenaries usually have a forthright, careless personality. Feng Beiyue had encountered many of those people before in her previous life, therefore, she was not frightened.

Feng Beiyue nimbly walked past the large crowd and arrived to the center. There, she saw countless of small stalls, but Feng Beiyue only focused on the ones that sold medicinal herbs. She needed to find something to treat Dongling’s wounds and some for herself to treat her weak, poisoned body.


Before she is strong enough, she don’t want to blatantly get medicine from Princess Long’s mansion.

If she isn’t certain of victory, she would never easily show her hand.

But after she inquired the price of some herbs, Feng Beiyue was left staggering.

After so many years of being bullied by her family, the Princess was left with no money, even the inheritances that her mother had left behind for her was robbed away by them.

But she also understood that ‘money’ was very important, it doesn’t matter which era you are from, Money is certainly the most important.

But now that she’s in a hurry, she needs to find a way to get money!

Think, think, Feng Beiyue thought as she walked towards the other side of the market where many mercenaries were gathering.

Even spending 10 copper coins to officially register as a mercenary had already made Feng Beiyue feel broke. She only had 20 coppers in total, and some scattered coins in her pocket.

Make money! I have to make money!!!

Next, she went to the Union’s Job Market. A huge white board was lying there covered with a variety of mercenary jobs. Each job was categorized by different levels, and their reward was also different.

Feng Beiyue directly ignored the low-leveled ones and went straight to the advanced job section.

At the advanced job section there were many people, only those who were strong dared to stand here. To suddenly see Feng Beiyue, a person with a small thin body, everyone had shown a surprised look.



Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 6

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 6

Feng Beiyue…His trip to Princess Long’s mansion had ended up giving him unexpected harvest.

When she was supposed to be cruel she would not show any mercy, when she’s supposed to be coolheaded she would not turn her head around, to him, that girl was very interesting.

“Your Highness…” A whisper came from the darkness

With a wave, his white clothes gently flying, he instantly disappeared into the night.

———-Northern Moon Dynasty———-

Cloud Pavilion

This is the most remote courtyard of Princess Long’s mansion. The grass is overgrown and the shadows under the tree seems to be whirling. At night, the shadows made by the trees can really frighten someone to death.

Shortly after her mother had passed away, the Princess’ physician had claimed that she was suffering from an infectious disease and that it might infect others. So the family instantly moved her away to a deserted courtyard.

She used to live in the Green Water Courtyard, but now it belongs to her Stepmother Snow and her stepsister Xiaoyun.


Miss Xiaoyun, at the age of 15, had became a Third-star summoner. She was a rare genius within the South Wing Country. Other than the current Crown prince, Miss Xiaoyun was currently the hottest topic.

Therefore, Xiaoyun was loved by everyone in the family. Even Concubine Qin who had given birth to the eldest son in the family would not dare to provoke her.

Xiaoyun and her stepmother Snow, in her memories, was not particularly harsh to her, unlike the Concubine Qin who would always beat her. But it was also because the arrogant Xiaoyun had always looked down on her, so she did not bother with her.

Feng Beiyue recalled the Princess’ memories, when she was seriously ill, Stepmother Snow would always bring her medicine to eat.

Wait, that doesn’t seem right!

Feng Beiyue quickly went to the kitchen, in the cold dark room she lit a small candle and smelled the medicine that her Stepmother Snow usually prepares for her.

Beiyue’s eyebrow quickly wrinkled, surely, it had smelled strange.

There were traces of poison in the pot. One dose will not be fatal, however within time, the body will become more and more weak and finally, the whole body will become limp. The person won’t die, but be rendered crippled, unable to move for the rest of their life.

Good poison, hmph, no wonder the princess’ body had always been so poor. Even when Princess Long was alive and had invited many doctors treat her, she did not get better.

This trace of poison was difficult to find, only Feng Beiyue, who had tested many poisons before would notice this smell.

Stepmother Snow, Princess Long had always treated you well, yet when she passed away you are not only ungrateful but had also wanted to poison her only daughter to death!

Feng Beiyue sat down, straighten out and started to circulate her essence. These people, she will surely but slowly, remove all of them!

Just killing them is too merciful!

The sun was slowly rising, Feng Beiyue wasn’t even a bit tired, but whenever she tried to circulate her essence, once the essence hits the core, it will suddenly disappear.

“Sh*t! This body is really trash!”

Being sick was fine, but now she can’t even circulate her essence!

In this era, where martial arts determines one’s status, only the powerful will be able to stand tall! No wonder though she was Princess Long’s sole daughter, she had still became the laughingstock of the entire country.

No one will sympathetize with the weak! Only the strong will be respected!

Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 5

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 5

The Princess’ weak body was no longer the same as before, which could’ve been blown away by the wind. The current Third Miss had exuded an aura of elegance and irreplicable aristocratic temperament, as if everyone in front of her should unquestionably kneel down and bow before her. From the start, she was born high above everyone, inviolable.

Did Peixiang mistaken her for someone else? Is this really the same loser, sick, useless trash from before?

In any case, she felt that she can no longer afford to offend the Third Miss.

“Third….Third Miss, I was wrong, please give this lowly-one a small life. In the future, I would not dare to offend you.”

When she thought of how in the past she had bullied the Third Miss, Peixiang felt a slight chill down her neck.

She was just a servant girl who was somewhat decent looking, but being born in a humble family, she was very jealous of those real aristocratic Miss’. She used to be very jealous of Third Miss’ identity as the sole daughter of Princess Long. So she had always tormented her twice the amount.

She wanted to prove that even her Third Miss was free to scold, that her position can also be one above the aristocratic ladies!

But now, even if she borrowed 10 times her original courage, she would not dare to bully the Third Miss!

“If you want me to let you live, I’ll see if you can keep your mouth shut.”

Originally, she should have killed this servant girl as well, because in the Princess’ memory, this servant girl had bullied her as well. However, right now she had a little use which had allowed her to keep her life temporarily.

“This servant will be obedient, I will definitely be obedient!”

“Dispose of the body.” Beiyue lightly commanded, then she walked straight out of the temple.

“Rumors said that Princess Long’s daughter was a useless trash, who would’ve thought that she was so overbearing.” A cold voice resounded like a gust of wind.

Feng Beiyue was surprised, her heart jumped, who was it?! To have hidden so quietly that even she did not notice!

From the sound of his voice, naturally Feng Beiyue can accurately judge the direction it came from. She turned her head around and saw a man sitting on top of a leafy tree. The man wore a peerlessly white outfit that flowed lightly with the wind.

His beautifully black jade-like hair scattered over his shoulder, and for a moment under the moonlight, it could make one feel dreamlike.


Feng Beiyue slightly frowned.

This person’s face was exquisite enough to stop someone’s breath, with the moon outlining his white complexion, it exuded maximum brilliance. His eyebrows well-defined, and his purple eyes held some sort of clarity like a radiant light. Like demon, but not demon. Like god, but also not a god…

From his high bridged nose, to his pale pink lips, it was enough to dazzle everyone’s eyes.

With a breeze of wind passing by, a few strands of black hair touched his cheek, his facial features were just incomparably perfect, there were no flaws to be seen. It was like the whole world had taken all natural beauty and placed it onto this man who possessed a fierce killing aura, just to show his domineering side.

He leaned against a branch, his eyes emitting a spiritual aura.

Feng Beiyue held her hands behind her back and stared at him. This person did not exist in the Princess’ memory. He is not a person of Princess Long’s household. Moreover, he definitely does not look like a person from the South Wing Country!

It’s not easy to be around her so silently.

But whoever he was, it was none of her business.

“Mind your own business, that will help your life grow longer.”

She shifted her gaze and walked away.


What a cold arrogant fellow, he thought.

Feng Lianyi let out a faint smile, with a face that looked like a mixture between a god and a demon, it can make anyone’s soul become intoxicated.

Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 3

Phoenix Against The World / 凤逆天下

Chapter 3 – The Strong Must be Respected

I actually am growing to like this story so i’ll upload few chapters at once tmrw to satisfy the craves.


“Lance, you want to catch me? It is still 100 years too early for you!”

She is the world’s most outstanding assassin, she can summon the rain and call on the clouds, nothing is impossible for her, except for that person with the name starting with “N”, otherwise no one is worthy enough to be her enemy.

As she raised her hand, a huge black eagle flew downward under the moonlight. Just one glance from its sharp eyes can leave people in fear for their lives.

The eagle’s claw seized Feng Beiyue’s arm and with a wave of its huge black wings it immediately soared back up into the sky. Her flaming red hair seemed to dance in arrogance under the moonlight.

At the same time, countless of heavy machine guns on the deck were shooting at her. Lance walked to the deck and stared at the distant sky, her petite figure was moving farther and farther away. He then said to the people around him, “Are you guys ready?”

“Sir, we are ready!” The higher-ups had ordered them to kill Feng Beiyue even at the expense of a city.

Lance raised his head, disappointed, he looked at the distant sky. “I had already said before, one day, you will pay for your arrogance and cold-bloodedness, Feng Beiyue….”

He felt a sharp pain in his heart, Beiyue…. all these years I had chased after you to kill you, but in fact, each time I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…

But this time, really, farewell…

10 minutes later, a huge explosion occurred in the city border of Jiangsu Province. A huge mushroom-like cloud appeared in the sky, illuminating the night. Fortunately, the residents of the city had been moved away in advance, so no one was harmed.

Suddenly, from where the mushroom-like cloud was, a shape of a huge black dragon enveloped the sky!


————Northern Moon Dynasty————

South Wing Country

Late at night, nobody had seen a evil black aura descending into the temple of Princess Long’s mansion.


In a room filled with dim candlelights, a pair of dark but cold eyes slowly opened. Looking at the shaky candlelight fire, the cold eyes had made no movements, only after a long time did Feng Beiyue come to digest the new memories that was bombarding her mind.

With a feeble groan, she came to accept the new facts…she had time-traveled!

It seems like Feng Beiyue’s current identity is a Princess. Her mother is the current Emperor’s elder sister, Princess Long Huiwen. However, she is currently the joke of the entire country.

She was deemed cowardly, ignorant, did not know martial arts, and was born with a weak body.

The physicians had said that she could not live until 18 years old.

Not only was she is a true fool, as a Princess she was bullied by her brothers and sisters who were born of a lower standing, from concubines. They treated her worse than a slave.

Her stepmother had a domineering arrogance, and after her mother had passed away four years ago, her father did not care about her at all. After her mother’s death, the Princess’ position within the family plummeted.

Today, she had accidentally offended her father’s favourite Concubine Qin, she was punished by having to kneel in front the temple for an entire day, with no food or water.

To begin with, her body was weak and plagued with many diseases. Having her kneel for an entire day was practically the same as asking for her life.

But no one had known that, due to some unknown circumstances, Feng Beiyue who was known as the “ultimate weapon” in modern times, had actually time-traveled and took over the body of this 12 years old Princess.

Suddenly, a warm gaze appeared in her eyes….


Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 1

Year 2012, Shanghai, China

At night, the waves were rolling along the Huangpu River and by the side, many bright lights illuminated the entire city as if its sole purpose was to prevent the night from coming.

Standing magnificently tall under the starry night skies was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, a building that had reached the whopping height of 1535m high into the sky.

Normally, no one could see the top of the Tower as the clouds would block their view, but today, if one looks really closely, one would be able to see a girl wearing a black windbreaker standing on top of the tower. Her hands were folded against her chest as she stared silently at a cruise ship slowly gliding along the Huangpu River.

Almost close enough…

This world-class luxury cruise ship was sponsered by the Northern Wild Corporation of Japan. Inside the ship, countless number of priceless treasures were currently being auctioned. Particularly, this girl likes to rob Japanese treasures the most.

The moment the cruise ship drew close enough, the girl immediately jumped off the tower. Like a beautiful butterfly, a huge pair of black wings had spread out behind her.

Faintly behind the grey clouds, it revealed half of her crescent moon face and a figure of a young beautiful girl with fiery flaming red hair. Her brightly round eyes resembled a perfect painting, however, she emitted a strange chilling aura.

Her figure paused in the midair for a moment, when suddenly, her figure darted towards the cruise ship at lightening speed. In a blink of an eye, the petite figure had silently landed on the cruise ship, the guards didn’t even have time to discover the wings on her back had actually been from a ferocious eagle, carrying her in the dark night.


As she watched several guards pass by, like a cat, she silently sneaked into the auction hall. The hall was decorated elegantly and was very luxurious. Even the vases on the sides were decorated with blue and white porcelain made from the Song Dynasty (thats like….many many many years ago….is considered very expensive)

The last auctioned treasure was bought at an extremely high price, a staggering astronomical amount that could even buy a crown. To her, Feng Beiyue, that amount was just crazy!

“Distinguished guests, today’s final treasure, is the ancient mysterious oriental jade called Boundless Million Beasts!”

The chief brought out a box that was made out of jade. The box by itself could easily cost a few billion, just what kind of treasure needs to be put in such a valuable jade box?

“Carved on this Black Jade is thousands of different mammal form, producing a life-like, wonderful workmanship. Legend has it that this black jade possesses mystical powers, one that can transcend life and death and also reverse time and space.”



Below you can hear someone laughing, everyone had originally thought that it was a marvellous piece of black jade, but it was actually only that?

In the age of science and technology who would believe in things like strange powers and spiritual nonsense?

Instead of looking at the black jade, they were better off looking at the auctioneer, she had a beautiful face and a great figure to top it off. Her clothes wrapped around her huge bosoms charmingly, especially when the beauty slightly bends over with the jade, her charm had made every men in the auction drool with lust.

This jade, although so precious, yet no one was discerning enough to see it as a great treasure!

Feng Beiyue sneered, from the second she arrived inside the auction hall she could already feel a strong mysterious force coming from the black jade…