Hey Leaf, why is your name Leafnoveltranslation but you mainly post manga?

A: Because i meant to translate novels but then i found out you cant translate licensed novels. >_<” what lol…I didnt know! Who bloody knows! Tbh…This was supposed to be a beauty review site XD


Hey Leaf, when do you update and how often?

A: I try to update all manga Mon-to-Fri. Novels are as time allows because my English is blehhhhh. Beauty reviews daily. I will most likely take Saturday OR Sunday as my day off, meaning, there will be no releases 🙂 Cmon…I need a break too :<


Hey Leaf, what is this storage space you’re talking about?

A:  Basically wordpress are like dentists who do daylight robbery. So im on Premium which cost 120$ (I have already paid for it myself) But only provides me with 13GB of storage Space. Now each manga chapter takes up some of that space, and once 13GB is filled, I cant upload any more manga. Here, Mr. Robber WordPress drops by and says “Hey we are offering unlimited storage space = unlimited manga release, only for $400!” So…yeah…=_=”

Paypal converts your donation to CAD because I live in Canada~ 


Hey Leaf, is this your real name?

A: ??? =]


Hey Leaf, I want to recommend a manga/novel,  can you translate it?

A: Sure but me only know ching chong chang… so no Konnichiwa or Onion Ha Say Yo please…


Hey Leaf, we hate your 2 page teasers! Stoppp!

A: Nope :3 I’ll make extra sure they are all cliffhangers Mwauhahahah :F


Hey Leaf, are your Beauty Reviews trustworthy…?

A: It works for me, and I promise you all that I actually took my time to use the product to give honest reviews…If it doesn’t work for you:  Maybe different skin, hair, body type?