Dota 2


This is my favorite game of all times, so I decided to give it justice and promote it 😛

My SOLO MMR: 7180 (I have not played the new patch yet…so I’m still TBD)
My Party MMR: 6890 (goodbye my mmr…)
How long have I played?: Years

This game is very similar to League of Legend, because LOL was modelled after DOTA. So if you are playing LOL then you can probably transition to Dota 2 even though Dota 2 requires more skill than LOL. In this sense, I would say that Dota 2 is more competitive while LOL is more noob-friendly. (I feel the LOL people hating me already…)

Each year they would host many tournaments with the biggest one in Seattle. Prize Pool last year was 18 million $$$? I forgot….

How it work:
In simplest terms, basically you need a party of 5 people and your goal is to destroy the other team’s base. Now each game roughly takes about 20-60minutes to finish, then you restart all over. Why is it fun? Because the better you get in this game, the easier it is for you to crush the other team and it feels good btw XD

There is Ranked and Unranked, meaning you can play just for fun, solo or with up to 4 friends on your team. If you don’t have friends the AI will simply partner you up with 4 other strangers…

Or you can play Ranked, this is for competitive. They assign you a number based on your skills. Why? Because many people want to go on Leaderboard which will only show the names of the TOP 100 players.

I used to like playing in a party of 2-3 people…sometimes 5…then after a while I got hooked to playing solo Ranked….Both is fun…actually more like…as long as you are good at this game its mad fun…XD

Anyways, the best way to get into the game is to find a friend who is already playing. He will be able to carry you and teach you how to play.

Note:  THis game breaks FRIENDSHIPS sometimes (especially if you are the noob in the team) XD….it is SUPER addicting….so you might lose your chance to go out and see society again….you have been advised~