Black Mirror TV Series – Playtest S3 E2 Summary

Black Mirror TV Series – Playtest S3 E2┬áSummary

I chose this episode because well, its messed up if this PlayTest was actually real…. And no thanks! I’m getting the fk out of there. Hands down. Gone.

Just that scary. So here’s how it goes…

The story started with a man who went travelling around the world after his father had died. He started this trip to avoid his mother (you selfish bastard!) who was always mourning since his fathers death. Anyway, our male lead would hookup everywhere he goes and have fun, meanwhile we would often see his mother calling his cell phone but he would never pick up (YOU ASSWIPE PICK UP UR DAMN PHONE ITS UR MAMA).

He funds himself through this app “Odd Jobs” (Its not real app I hope), where he gets paid to become a game tester for a virtual reality game from a big company. So before he starts the testing he must shut down his phone, this is to prevent him from stealing the company’s new innovations. But a jackass he is, when the admin goes out of the room he opened his phone to take pictures!

Anyway, the admin start debriefing him of what the game is for. Basically they put this ring helmet around your head and you go into the game. Inside the game they drop you off to this haunted house and his job was to stay in there for as long as he can. Now, he was told that none of the things he sees or feel is actually real, just all in his head. But the game was designed in a way that, your brain conjures shapes, objects, or things that you fear to SCARE YOURSELF. So…say you were afraid of spiders…well grats, when you’re not expecting it you’re gonna see a spider pop up in front of ya. Cheers*


The game intensity goes up the longer you stay in the game and for sure everything that pops up are the things you are most afraid of. The good thing is, the admin stays in contact with him throughout, so he hears her through a plug in his ears. Our male lead soon went from seeing a mere spider, to a person popping up behind him suddenly, these were only virtual (meaning his hands can pass through the image he saw)…then suddenly his connection with the admin is cut OFF. And he started seeing monsters that he can actually FEEL and TOUCH. (Oh yeah shit went down). Then he started having to fend for his life and got injured in the whole process (later we found out the injury is not real, obviously, just his head messing with him).

After he killed the monster, the connection came back and he asked to leave the game (More scary shits happened in between). He eventually gets out of the game and we saw him finding courage to go back home to see his mother. When he got home, his mother didn’t recognize him, just like his father who died of Alzheimer’s. Then the scene goes back to the beginning where he had the ring helmet put on his head. So apparently, even leaving the game and seeing his mother were all part of the game, it was his fears…

Suddenly, his mother called and BANG. The cellphone waves crashed with the virtual ring helmet and his brain got fried. He peaced out for real, yeah, died. We saw the game developers come in and ordering people to get rid of the body and to chart the whole process. Apparently, from all the shit our male lead went through, it was only 0.04second of real life time.

Moral of the story? Uh, don’t sign yourself up for shit, especially when you aren’t even in your own country….


L’Occitane – Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream Review

L’Occitane – Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream Review



Does it Work?:
Yes, but damn is it expensive for a small bottle. It keeps your skin smooth, soft and supple for 2-3 days (yes even after you had showered). I think it’s well worth it, my favorite cream of all times. Too bad I did not rebuy because it’s just too expensive for me. But for everyone who don’t mind paying, this is one of the BEST! :>

Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review

Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review


Improves skin elasticity, tighten pores, hydrates skin


Does this Work?:
Nope. To me, sleeping masks are convenient, you sleep with them and they should magically make your face look better. So I am always keen on trying these out. Unfortunately, I do remember buying this specifically because they claimed that they could tighten pores. Hey! Who doesn’t want poreless skin? amIright? Too bad, this is like Laniege sleeping mask. It only works when you have it on and once you wash it off, 12o’clock comes, magics over, your skin goes back to the way it was before. No effect. Like why do I need tightened pores when I’m asleep? I need it when i’m awake!!!

I also don’t think it hydrated my skin…so…that was that…but its 15$ what did I expect? lols…

Would I Buy this Again?:
Nope. One bottle is enough…think I bought 2 because it was on sale…so I threw them out sad T_T my moneyyyy

Laniege – Multi Cleanser Review

Laniege – Multi Cleanser Review


So I used Laniege products the most in my entire life. I loved its smell and how light it seems to be on the skin. I don’t like having random chemicals in my skin product because I have combination acne-prone skin. Its just too sensitive and I break out easily from chemical heavy products.


Does this Work?:
Yes. I loved this product a while back…now? Not as much. Here’s why:

I first used this many years ago, at that time, I was an acne-face yeah, fun. So, I would often get acne from other cleansers but after using this, my acne seem to stabilize much more (meaning i grew less acne). My skin also seem to clear up faster and became more radiant. (I’m not bullshitting this is why I stuck with this for many years on and off).

The reason why I stopped using this was because if you look at the picture I posted, it looks different than the ones you see sold in stores. I used the first generation of Multi Cleanser or so… By the time they switched packaging about 4 times I can tell you the formula had changed. How I knew? Because it is evident on my skin, it is no longer as potent or works as well. I would even get a few pimple from this.

But because I loved this product so much previously I gave it another shot about half a year ago. It still works, but just not the way it had for my skin once upon a time. But I do notice that after using this for ~2 months my skin did clear up nicely again. So perhaps give it time before you see some result. Your skin clears up because it contains some exfoliating products inside. But anyway, it just wasn’t as gentle as the first batch. But that’s how every company works…

Would I Buy This Again?:
Yes, it has a fair price, lasts for a year, works well. But not the “best” it could’ve been anymore… so I will be searching for other ones. This will always be one of my go back to products.

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review


Cleanse and hydrate skin

$44/24oz (will last at least 6 months or more)

Does it Work?:
Yes, but this isn’t the question of it working or not. I’ve rarely ever seen a cleanser that doesn’t actually cleanse, so at most it will break you out. So let’s go to the Should I buy this instead…

Would I Buy this Again?:
No. Despite it being award-winning and raved like its the best product on earth, NO! First, it is expensive and over-priced. It cleanse just like any other cleanser, it’s not like I feel extra-clean. I also don’t feel hydrated after using it, instead I think it dries my skin up. I can actually smell alcohol when I use this. I think originally they didn’t include alcohol chemicals in this product but you know, when your product becomes a hit, companies add things in to make the production cost cheaper so they profit more. (The first people who bought this product claimed that there was no alcohol included previously….I just bought this recently so I can’t say)

It did not break me out, but it certainly doesn’t help with any acne problems or oily skin. It doesn’t make your skin worse though….at least not yet for me…I will still finish my bottle because it was expensive…

0 Thumbs up for this….i want refund!!!!

Bless Online 2018 – MMORPG Review

Bless Online 2018 – MMORPG Review


First of all BLESS ONLINE is like my website….Coming soon…..

It is not released yet for North American players, but it will be out before 2018 ends (they said it not me…)

I played Bless Online in the Japan server for months through VPN. I have to say that the game is not nearly finalized. Despite the hype, this MMORPG is just the same as any other except you can tame pets and mounts. Anyway I will just give a brief summary of what you can or cannot do.

  1. There is two Factions, Hieron / Union, you can only choose one of them. If you are in Hieron and your friend is in Union, congrats, you can freely kill each other when you both hit level 30. Of course, you can also kill Hieron members if you click on the duel option. I don’t think you can party with both Hieron and Union members. I have not tried.
  2. Whoops, forgot to mention! Once you hit level 30, it is free-for-all, you can be killed at anywhere, anytime, even when you are talking to the NPC.
  3. You don’t lose any EXP/equipment for dying, but you will get a penalty (i.e, you run slower, your damage decrease, etc, but these only last for 5min). Or you can run back to where you died to avoid the penalty, or you can pay real $$$ to avoid the penalty.
  4. Everyday at a specific time there is a Castle Siege. People from Hieron and Union will be transferred to a special map, the purpose is to destroy each other’s base. You can some points from it which can be used to exchange for equipments/recipe/items.
  5. You can fly, swim, run up a mountain, ride a ship, ride an aircraft. Travel time depends on your DISTANCE. (if you want to go from one place to another, even if you fly, it will take a minute or two, no instant teleportation except return scroll which has a 30min CD)
  6. You can catch them all! Yeah, you can tame pets and mounts.
  7. You can gather and craft. If you want to craft a legendary equipment, no, don’t even think about it, that will take an eternity because your crafting profession level is too low.
  8. You are usually in an open field doing quests unless you go into a dungeon which has level restrictions, and entry limit for some. I was able to solo up to level 20 dungeons (level cap is currently 45). I found it impossible to solo level 30 dungeons when I’m only level 30 as well. From here on, you need a party of 5. YOU need to complete these dungeons because thats the only way to get good equipments!
  9. You will have a bunch of skills to choose from, but NOT enough skill point to level up your skills. So choose wisely.
  10. There are territory wars, so you can fight for a territory and own it. The map is yours…
  11. You can dissemble equipments that you don’t need to get a dragonball. You need a lot of dragonball to level up your equipments (max level 15). The success rate is ridiculously low, but your equipment won’t break even if it fails.
  12. I wouldn’t exactly say you need skills in this game, it mostly depends on your equipment, weapon and level. Unlike my favorite game vindicitus, if you are skilled enough you can dodge enemy attacks and solo a boss (given enough time and patience).
  13. Missions give you enough money.
  14. Because it is open map, you may have to wait for the monsters/quest items to respawn if others were there before you.


Did I Have Fun?:
Uh…for the hype no…If i treated it as a normal MMORPG to play with friends, sure…it’s nothing special…I think many people will be disappointed. If there is a huge player base I think many people will get annoyed, frustrated by how the game works. For competitive players, they will probably have the advantage because of their guild. So you don’t even have to think about owning a territory or beating a competitive player if you are a solo player. Competitive players in a good guild will obviously gear up faster and have a good party to clear dungeons. It has nothing to do with your skills, so don’t let that bother you.


Laniege – Water Sleeping Mask Review

Laniege – Water Sleeping Mask Review


So…I used this sleeping mask wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before sleeping mask was even hyped or Sephora even carried it. Basically, my point is, I’ve used this for a lightyear. I can literally write a 500 page essay on it, if you wanted some opinion on it then you came to the right person.

Hydrates skin over-night (yes, you can sleep with it on…think of it as a cream instead)

$25/jar (70mL)

Does it Work?:
Yes but No….? Despite all the 5 star reviews from others here’s why…

The reason why I kept using this for so long was because EVERY MORNING it gives me an impression that my skin is very well-hydrated. I may wake up and look like The Grudge, but at least I would be one with dewy, clear skin. Now, the problem is, its only an IMPRESSION, meaning it does not actually hydrate your skin, even if it does, its very minimal. It is more like a dewy film on top of your face??? Anyway, it just doesn’t improve your skin. Be it summer or winter, the moment you washed off the sleeping mask your face returns back to normal, as if you had never used the sleeping mask.

Please understand that its very hard for products to give LASTING changes. If a product can give you good results that last throughout the day, that would already be considered very good. But, honestly, why do I need a product that only works when I sleep? Whose gonna look at me when i’m sleeping??? That’s why I stopped using it… Its basically an unnecessary luxury item.

Would I Buy Again?:
I bought this over and over again for years…until I had finally found my favorite serum. It literally put this sleeping mask to shame so I discontinued it without a second thought.


Weight Loss Diet Tea – Review

Weight Loss Diet Tea – Review

I ain’t posting a picture because well, I just tried too many brands.

I am 5’3, 108lbs. The heaviest I ever was is 115lbs.

So, I was not FAT, but I must admit I was affected by the media and their so-called “beauty standard” of being skinny and big-boobed. They have washboard flat abs and long legs whatnot… Hey I was young I didn’t know any better!!! That’s my excuse for being dumb ok XD….I went on and off these diet tea many times…


  • Metabolism-type – these basically speed up your metabolism so you burn off more calories
  • Water-reduction-type – these are diuretic and make you pee more often so you lose water-weight OR they make your body retain less water
  • Laxative-type – these make you go number 2 (poop) lols, and I mean you’ll be stuck in washroom for 2 hours…not fun….
  • Others – no idea how they worked

Most are less than $50 for a box…which will last you for a month or two….

Does it work?:
Yes, but I do not recommend (especially young girls) to use these products. It’s just simply not healthy. Instead, I’ll just give you all some alternatives after I mention what happened to me after I used those products.

For metabolism-type tea, they recommended you to exercise and drink those to burn off 2x the fat. I would say I lost about 1-2 pound in a month after drinking these tea + exercise 3-5x a week (30min-1hr). Mind you that I still eat what I eat normally. But, these products are made in China or Korea or Japan. I can’t read the ingredients, so instead of putting unknown stuff into your body for weight loss. I suggest you to drink Honey Lemon water + exercise. Honey lemon water also speeds up your metabolism, the same way these tea do. Just don’t put too much honey because it is still considered a sugar.

Water-reduction tea, oh lord, this was a killer. Yeah, it was trying to kill ME. I don’t drink water that often when I was younger and this made me feel so dehydrated that my heartbeat sped up, I felt dry, whatnot. Is the company trying to murder me? I shoulda sued them. Anyways, so your body is mostly made of water, it needs a lot of water! So obviously you lose weight when you lose water. But these water are IMPORTANT TO YOU, DO NOT BUY THIS PLEASE! And drink lots of water everyday! I cannot stress this enough.

Laxative-type tea, Guys won’t understand, some girls don’t either. When you get period cramps as if your intestines are twisting itself, yeah thats how you’re gonna feel after you drink these tea. Another way I can put it is, you feel cramps, not regular cramps, but one where you wanna cry for your mommy to save yo sorry ass. Anyway, you’re going to sit in the washroom for AT LEAST 2 hour, so if you were planning to head out? Congrats you’re bringing your toilet with you. My genius cousin told me this was only for weight loss but did not tell me HOW, so I took it and guess what, I was stuck in washroom and went nowhere for the day. I must say this is very good to cleanse your bowel, though. But hey if you want to cleanse your bowel take more natural things. Prune juice is what hospitals use to treat constipation.

Others…others did not work since I didn’t even remember what they were.

Will I buy this again?:
Oh god, hell no. These were one way ticket to the afterlife, no thanks.

Clinique – All About Eyes Dark Circle Cream Review

Clinique – All About Eyes Dark Circle Cream Review


Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes

$33/15mL (that is REALLY little)

Does it work?:
Yes, it does reduce puffiness and dark circle within an hour. So, let me clarify this for everyone. This will ONLY reduce puffiness AFTER you put it on, so if you put it on at nighttime, do NOT expect it keep your puffy eyes or dark circles at bay until tomorrow morning. That’s not how it works

This is only a TEMPORARY relief, it will NOT permanently remove your dark circle or puffy eyes.

Does this help with wrinkle? Same as dark circles, as long as you put it on, it DOES help, but they won’t be COMPLETELY GONE. Don’t expect Disney magic cmon…

Will I Purchase it Again?:
Yes? I suppose, at least it does reduce puffiness and dark circle for the day, better than none at all. But I’m still looking for one that will last longer…we’ll see.

Lazer Acne Treatment Review

Lazer Acne Treatment Review


So, as a person who used to be an acne-face, I have basically tried every acne treatment you can think of. This is only a picture that resembles the machine that my beautician had used, I do not own this machine obviously…

$30/each lazer treatment (I bought a package for 5 lazer treatments $150, otherwise it will be $35 for each lazer treatment). I needed at least 3 treatments to see result.

Also, the place I go to is priced cheaper than MOST spa or beauty centers. I was one of their first customer so I get a lot of discount. In other stores I believe it will be roughly $60 per treatment…:(

Does it Work?:
Yes, but please read the fully story first…

By the time I had gotten lazer acne treatment I was already nearly pimple-free. The lazer treatment was supposed to be for hair removal for my legs but the beautician had made a mistake and thought my package was for lazer acne treatment instead, so I got a free trial I guess?

Anyway, fastforward, at the end I purchased it for my upper lips because even though I was almost acne-free, my upper lips seem to always get whitehead which gets clogged and turns into inflamed pimple, etc. It was annoying because cmon, it’s right in the middle of my face!

By my 4th lazer treatment, I no longer get anymore whitehead or pimple on my upper lips, yes no relapse for months! and the dark spots all cleared up. Another perk is, this lazer treatment also removes hair on my upper lip, I don’t have hairy upper lip ok! But it was a bonus so why not?

Will I Buy it Again?:
Yes, it does work and acne don’t grow on that spot anymore…I don’t understand the mechanic behind lazer treatment but whatever works right? ­čÖé