Acne Treatment

Ye… Acne, pimple, red spots…whatever you call it I had it, and I will tell you how I get rid of it…Nowadays I only get hormonal acne (that time of the month…) Otherwise, I have completely rid myself of acne! 😉

Skin Type: 
Combination-acne-prone skin.

Also, I am NOT sponsered by any of these products…i just don’t want people to waste money on products that don’t work!

Pink Pimple Powders:
These are supposed to heal red spots, treat small pimples, shrink large non-cystic acne, help pimple mature and fade away faster.

Acne Spot Treatments:
These are used to remove red/dark spots, get rid of pimple scars or redness on skin

Acne Treatment (Entire face):


More Coming soon….