Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 3

Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 3


8 thoughts on “Reincarnation of the Aristocrat Chapter 3

  1. Really like this manga and hope to see more chapters. Until than I will wait by catching up of my favorite tv series or catch up one on my favorite anime seasons (overlord, killing bites, ects.)


  2. Really? I did not know that. Is there a website that I can check out more raws (Overlord) and ‘Reincarnation of the Aristocrat’? I like to find anything that has fantasy, romance, action, supernatural, and smut.


  3. Got it. Thank you so much. Oh, another question. When might reincarnation of the aristocrat be updated? And do you have a scheduled for each manga will be updated? I know that getting the manga translated can be a lot of work,


    • I try to update all manga at least once daily…but u know things pop up so I cant guarantee…Oh right forgot to say Im using my friends china acc for RAW for ROTA so linking u was useless since ud have to pay with RMB… :\


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