Goddess Creation System Chapter 36

Goddess Creation System Chapter 36


16 thoughts on “Goddess Creation System Chapter 36

    • If you liked this, I think you will like Reincarnation of the Aristocrat too. It gets good, smart heroine like GCS ^^
      Also thank you for considering to donate! Before you donate I just want to let you know what you are donating for so *clears throat* let me explain—Sorry if its a bit long XD

      Basically wordpress (stupid scam site!) offers Premium for 120$ and Business Plan for 400$. For Premium they only give me 13GB of storage space (which I have right now). Each chapter takes up some of that 13GB and once it fills up the full 13GB, I cannot upload anymore chapters to my site. Now these moneyhoggers offers a 400$ business plan to give me unlimited storage space meaning unlimited manga upload 😐

      This is why I release less manga and more slower now…Also because I am spending most of my time trying to figure out if I can find a cheaper site to do this on…its complicated since I aint no compsci major XD

      Anyway, sorry, it was supposed to be a free personal hobby site for people to enjoy 😐


  1. Lol eating pizza I love your name…. my weird senses are tingling… do…you by any chance have…. never mind. No . I’ll say it….. do you also have an odd sense of humor like me… are you also weird….I can feel it you are aren’t you…lol😆


    • OHH i read ur other msg first…now I found out ur eating pizza not banana LOL! Whoops. I had pizza 2 days ago, extra cheese + philly steak + bbq sauce. I don’t know if I have an odd sense of humor but I do know I laugh at almost every joke…what its contagious???? I am 102% certified weird…I BLUSH at every cute guy since like 12…now I am more resistant…but I try to hide my face so I dont grin like an idiot ><" aiyo so embarrassing…Imagine seeing a girl smiling at u like wtf????? XD But I am a troll 🙂 i enjoy posting teasers to make ppl say NOOOOOOOOOOO ONLY 2 PAGE?!?!?!?


      • Lol same except I don’t blush.. I pretend like I don’t like them, but I don’t make it obvious I just act indifferent until they turn around and I’m full out fan girling well in my head… before I accidentally showed my self fan girling and it was embarrassing. Let me tell ya. Ohh and talking about embarrassing… I once was in the hallway nonchalantly skipping and swinging my arms around and I accidentally slapped a guys butt… by the time I realized it I was full out crying.. the guy turned around.. then I turned around and realized we where the only ones their so couldn’t blame it on anyone else. I looked back at him and started breathing hard….. do judge I was hyperventilating. One lone tear came out and I was like nooooooooo. Anyways that guy looked at me weird then started walking away quickly… mind you I was still in surfer 🏄🏾‍♀️ position meaning I was frozen like that until he walked away.. fml


      • LOLOLOL at least you can control your fangirling…mine is like “LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!!!” XD Was the guy you slapped cute at least? Did you guys became friends? I had a similar situation…Afterschool, everyone walking out of class…I saw the cutest guy in school and turned my head to look at him…then BAM i hit my head into the door poll (you know inbetween two doors theres a poll in the middle, yeah I Facepolled myself on that) jesus i wanted to hang myself…fml x2 and there were so many people. I shoulda just dug a hole and buried myself.


      • Lol… why did you hit that pole the pole did nothing to youuuuu 😂 😂 😂 and no we did meet again in class the next year and we did talk, but then he had to take a picture of me …. I wouldn’t have known he was taking the picture… but the flash went off the the camera noise was pretty loud😫😫😫 then he was like was like what do you think I gonna ask her out he was trying to whisper. He was three seats in front of me by the way (he is such an airhead lol) … I think the person next to me thought that he was talking about her even I did because what kind of guy would be looking at me and he was hella cute too. Anyways their friend turned around and looked at me.🤯🤯🤯 I felt like a deer caught in headlights. Then I awkwardly put my head down and pretended to sleep ugghhhhhh the cringe. Anyways the girls all around were glaring cause you know he was hella cute and I was just sitting there with my head down all uncomfortable… then I took things to the extreme and switch class which I regret because it was an ap class and I switch to I regular one..😩 I had more experiences like that with other guys.. but it ended up the same I just awkwardly ignored all of them.


  2. Anyways whew I’m glad he didn’t get punished. I hope his brother isn’t to bitter about it…lol

    P.s. haven’t say this enough thanks again for the update


      • Lol really? I never gotten beaten or really hit in my life except for breaking expensive vase and such, but it never really hurt I just pretended like it hurt because I found out early on that if u don’t pretend… ugh it just gets worst😫


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