Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review

Thefaceshop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Review


Improves skin elasticity, tighten pores, hydrates skin


Does this Work?:
Nope. To me, sleeping masks are convenient, you sleep with them and they should magically make your face look better. So I am always keen on trying these out. Unfortunately, I do remember buying this specifically because they claimed that they could tighten pores. Hey! Who doesn’t want poreless skin? amIright? Too bad, this is like Laniege sleeping mask. It only works when you have it on and once you wash it off, 12o’clock comes, magics over, your skin goes back to the way it was before. No effect. Like why do I need tightened pores when I’m asleep? I need it when i’m awake!!!

I also don’t think it hydrated my skin…so…that was that…but its 15$ what did I expect? lols…

Would I Buy this Again?:
Nope. One bottle is enough…think I bought 2 because it was on sale…so I threw them out sad T_T my moneyyyy

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