My Response

So over the weeks I’ve been getting a lot of complaints, asking me to drop this manga or that manga…so…I decided to clarify this misunderstanding.. I am NOT a professional scanlation group nor am I planning to become one, I have no bloody idea who is translating what. But I do apologize if I had made anyone feel unhappy because I randomly picked up some manga…that wasn’t my intention, my bad. 😐

Next, this is a personal hobby, I am just someone who likes to SHARE what I enjoy with other people, thus I reply to comments and I like talking to my readers (esp GCS people), thus I don’t ONLY translate manga, but do beauty reviews, random review…etc.  Also, I am not good dealing with passive-aggressive msgs (not all were..some were kind). All you had to do was kindly say, “Oh hey we were doing this already, can you please stop your translations or we can partner up.” Simple. I would’ve agreed, but not like some who gave me enough shit that I can summon satan out with your hate. Well, fk you too. I don’t appreciate it and This is unfair to me and my readers who just want to enjoy some good manga.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate and am grateful that there are professional translation groups out there, seriously if I was wealthy I woulda donate to my favorite mangas. But again, I don’t think I am in the wrong for following my passion and sharing things I like…I am not here to compete with whoever out there, that’s not my purpose or goal…this is just a small manga cliche, but I will apologize again if I had offended anyone…

If I am still continuing manga translations then chances are:
#1. A reader requested, I am doing this for my readers, for the people I meet, not you scanlation groups.
#2. I just really really liked the manga.
#3. Your scanlation group prob gave me some hate msg…lol…

Having said this, I am dropping The President’s Ex-wife because one of the scanlation groups out there asked me to do so kindly. But I’ll just post my last chapter since I’ve already done it~

Lastly, To all my viewers, thank you for supporting me! Really, thanks, it kept me going. But also I want to say that there are scanlation groups out there that are translating the same manga, they also provide higher quality. I am providing free translations because I enjoy what I am doing! Feel free to visit and support other groups too!

PS. No advertising your stuff on my site, no links, no hate, just love. thanks!





6 thoughts on “My Response

  1. Oh :{ i AM really gratefull that you translated all those mangas. Like i was going crazy to see more GCS but didnt find more chapters. So thank you and dont mind those haters.


  2. Seriously there is always someone who has to ruin things for everyone! I am so sorry you had to get such stupid passive aggressive comments! But please know there are people who genuinely appreciate all your hard work. I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy when I saw you were translating Goddess Creation System. Like legit the chapter your post each day is one of my morning highlights! So thank you so much and I hope you keep on translating! ❤


  3. Everyone’s way will be block by a problem..
    But,if you can handle the problem,it will be the greatest gift for you..
    So,never give up on your dream cause sometimes you can make your dream happens.. [^_^]
    Don’t mind or reply on haters comments…
    And thank you for always translating my favourite manga..
    Especially Lan Chi and Goddess Creation System…
    Hope there will be no more problem come to you…(^____^)


    • Haha thank u really. It did get me down for a bit but now im fine… ^^ it wasnt their fault either… just different views and goals? I think they just thought i was trying to become a translation group… but actually im just a fan of good manga and novels lol


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