17 thoughts on “Goddess Creation System – Chapter 34

  1. Whew… the jealousy is starting to come…. but wait what is this about turning back to ugly so once the game ends or if she loses she becomes ugly. Even though she was ugly in the first place.

    P.s. I could only donate 15 although I did try to put 15 us it ended up cad. I was going to do it yesterday night, but my card was all the way in the car and it was 12:00 midnight I went to get up got dizzy 😵 and went back to bed. which means I was in bed all day. I know gross🤮 but this is all I can do I’m broke at least I will be once I pay for my car repairs I swear these car dealerships are trying to rob me.

    • She was referring to how if she dies she will lose her beauty and start over…(you know in early chapter she got killed and revived) But the things she learned like tea making..playing flute stays in her memory so she don’t have to start over on that!

      Also thank you for donating I really appreciated it. Its just sad how wordpress capped the storage space to 13GB for premium user 🙁 So i am looking for other sites or to see if I can somehow keep running the site at a lower cost. But really, thank you for supporting me!

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