Goddess Creation System – Chapter 33

Goddess Creation System – Chapter 33


26 thoughts on “Goddess Creation System – Chapter 33

  1. Lol your welcome I was try to write reply’s and I couldn’t I kept writing it about 7 times before I gave up it was a whole paragraph and all whew..I almost cried well I feared up a bit because it wouldn’t post no matter what 😢😢😢😢muwhahahahaha but I’m glad I’m back😂😂😂😂


      • Lol…no your site was fine I just did want to make you feel like I wasn’t supporting you or anything ‘cause ur Truly the best🙂 I even made an account I did everything I could just to notify u that the comment section was working.☺️☺️☺️ I can say I did my best as ur fan and supporter ….ehem the sappy ness of my words is grossing me out 😵😵😵🤮cause I’m not sappy so ya bye before I become even more sappy lol I leave with a muwahahhahahahahahahahahah😈


      • Haha thank you :> I just wanted to share stories I liked I mean afterall its more fun to read with others than alone XD and if I hadn’t started translating I wouldnt have met you and picked up feng qi cang lan. its a good story ;>

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  2. Exactly.. I wouldn’t have met you if I wasn’t reading the goddess creation system on zingerbox…lol I love mangas I also love reading 📖 and when some one shares the same hobby I get along with them better huhuhu🤭🤭🤗 that’s just the I am 😏 it also help when ppl can deal with my weird personality lol


      • Lol you call ur sell a hermit I call my self a hobbit…I use to have a catch phrase “pickle in a saucer” 🥒🍽 people thought that it ment something sexual and I’m like not it’s just a pickle in a saucer…then they look at me like I’m the weirdo 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️


  3. Xian ni, tales of demons and gods, lookism,the magic chef of ice and fire, xuan gi Ci, feng ni tian xia, I shall seal the heavens, chasing star moon, spirit blade mountain and etc…..these are what I think are good and what I think will be good there’s more that doesn’t have to do with martial arts cultivation or time traveling/reborn it’s just that these are my favs in these subjects at least some of them from the first few chapter I read I think I will like them.. also try lookism it’s the best ahhhhhh😆😆😆😆😆🤗


    • Ohh when I have time I will check it out thanks 😀 Haha and no no its just that most hype train mangas seem to always be reborn…martial arts…stuff like that. I have no idea why but I’d love to read other genres as well. It wasn’t intentional that I picked up a bunch of them XD Yeah I thought of translating chasing star moon and feng ni tian xia before because i was reading them like months back… guess I’ll go check out lookism


      • Before you read lookism(warning: some of the characters faces might look offensive especially when they’re trying to be a gangster…in other words they look like they’re constipated😑😑😑) ehem the face I make when someone’s eating in front of me and not sharing 😒😒😒 and it’s a Korean book just something to read they update every Sunday now instead of every day. You’ve been warned 🙊


      • Yep which is why I’ve read so many of them lol…it kind of sad😔 but I love them so much ugh 😑 sometime you have to admit when you have a problem. Which I do😞😞😞


    • Omg most of those mangas are my favorite and I got load more that is similar sometimes I’m not patient to wait for the translated chapters to come out that I just go to find other sites to read the raws even though I can’t read them I just look at the pictures to see what happen


  4. I’m only seeing the numbers 12345678 on the page. Not sure if something happened and they were deleted or if it’s a placeholder?


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