Laniege – Water Sleeping Mask Review

Laniege – Water Sleeping Mask Review


So…I used this sleeping mask wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before sleeping mask was even hyped or Sephora even carried it. Basically, my point is, I’ve used this for a lightyear. I can literally write a 500 page essay on it, if you wanted some opinion on it then you came to the right person.

Hydrates skin over-night (yes, you can sleep with it on…think of it as a cream instead)

$25/jar (70mL)

Does it Work?:
Yes but No….? Despite all the 5 star reviews from others here’s why…

The reason why I kept using this for so long was because EVERY MORNING it gives me an impression that my skin is very well-hydrated. I may wake up and look like The Grudge, but at least I would be one with dewy, clear skin. Now, the problem is, its only an IMPRESSION, meaning it does not actually hydrate your skin, even if it does, its very minimal. It is more like a dewy film on top of your face??? Anyway, it just doesn’t improve your skin. Be it summer or winter, the moment you washed off the sleeping mask your face returns back to normal, as if you had never used the sleeping mask.

Please understand that its very hard for products to give LASTING changes. If a product can give you good results that last throughout the day, that would already be considered very good. But, honestly, why do I need a product that only works when I sleep? Whose gonna look at me when i’m sleeping??? That’s why I stopped using it… Its basically an unnecessary luxury item.

Would I Buy Again?:
I bought this over and over again for years…until I had finally found my favorite serum. It literally put this sleeping mask to shame so I discontinued it without a second thought.


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