Weight Loss Diet Tea – Review

Weight Loss Diet Tea – Review

I ain’t posting a picture because well, I just tried too many brands.

I am 5’3, 108lbs. The heaviest I ever was is 115lbs.

So, I was not FAT, but I must admit I was affected by the media and their so-called “beauty standard” of being skinny and big-boobed. They have washboard flat abs and long legs whatnot… Hey I was young I didn’t know any better!!! That’s my excuse for being dumb ok XD….I went on and off these diet tea many times…


  • Metabolism-type – these basically speed up your metabolism so you burn off more calories
  • Water-reduction-type – these are diuretic and make you pee more often so you lose water-weight OR they make your body retain less water
  • Laxative-type – these make you go number 2 (poop) lols, and I mean you’ll be stuck in washroom for 2 hours…not fun….
  • Others – no idea how they worked

Most are less than $50 for a box…which will last you for a month or two….

Does it work?:
Yes, but I do not recommend (especially young girls) to use these products. It’s just simply not healthy. Instead, I’ll just give you all some alternatives after I mention what happened to me after I used those products.

For metabolism-type tea, they recommended you to exercise and drink those to burn off 2x the fat. I would say I lost about 1-2 pound in a month after drinking these tea + exercise 3-5x a week (30min-1hr). Mind you that I still eat what I eat normally. But, these products are made in China or Korea or Japan. I can’t read the ingredients, so instead of putting unknown stuff into your body for weight loss. I suggest you to drink Honey Lemon water + exercise. Honey lemon water also speeds up your metabolism, the same way these tea do. Just don’t put too much honey because it is still considered a sugar.

Water-reduction tea, oh lord, this was a killer. Yeah, it was trying to kill ME. I don’t drink water that often when I was younger and this made me feel so dehydrated that my heartbeat sped up, I felt dry, whatnot. Is the company trying to murder me? I shoulda sued them. Anyways, so your body is mostly made of water, it needs a lot of water! So obviously you lose weight when you lose water. But these water are IMPORTANT TO YOU, DO NOT BUY THIS PLEASE! And drink lots of water everyday! I cannot stress this enough.

Laxative-type tea, Guys won’t understand, some girls don’t either. When you get period cramps as if your intestines are twisting itself, yeah thats how you’re gonna feel after you drink these tea. Another way I can put it is, you feel cramps, not regular cramps, but one where you wanna cry for your mommy to save yo sorry ass. Anyway, you’re going to sit in the washroom for AT LEAST 2 hour, so if you were planning to head out? Congrats you’re bringing your toilet with you. My genius cousin told me this was only for weight loss but did not tell me HOW, so I took it and guess what, I was stuck in washroom and went nowhere for the day. I must say this is very good to cleanse your bowel, though. But hey if you want to cleanse your bowel take more natural things. Prune juice is what hospitals use to treat constipation.

Others…others did not work since I didn’t even remember what they were.

Will I buy this again?:
Oh god, hell no. These were one way ticket to the afterlife, no thanks.

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