Goddess Creation System – Chapter 30

Goddess Creation System 

Chapter 30

Traditional chinese green dresses are so pretty…too bad people will think i’m nuts if I wore that out lols


8 thoughts on “Goddess Creation System – Chapter 30

  1. Omg she getting more and more beautiful ahhhhhhhh…..i wonder if they will both fall in love with her🧐🧐🧐😏😏😏… oh and I saw fang qi cang lan was added yesss! muwahahahahahahhaha… p.s. author-San I really appreciate it thank you… and thank you for your hard work.😁😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😆😆😆


  2. Thank you so much for making this novel. This is the best one I’ve read and I will keep showing support. Thank you again


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