Goddess Creation System – Chapter 29

Goddess Creation System

Chapter 29

From what I see, most of you absolutely love this manga.  So I will give Goddess Creation System priority. GCS will be the first manga to be updated daily! 


6 thoughts on “Goddess Creation System – Chapter 29

  1. Thanks again for the update pls keep updating it starting get really god muwahahahahahah what will happen next I wonder…..😏


  2. You ask before if there was anything we would like you to translate right? Then maybe if you’d please translate… you know if you can translate “fang qi cang lan”… like you know if you….pls translate hehehe


    • So I just finished reading chapter 1 of Feng Qi Cang lan, it looks interesting. I can translate it no problem. Did you want the manga translated or novel? I will start translating once I have caught up to its current chapter which will probably be in 2-5 days.


  3. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. Thank you for the hard work and please keep on the wonderful work of yours. I’ll definitely Support YOU!!!!


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