Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 10

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 10

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Shing nodded and then greeted Feng Beiyue more respectfully this time, “I am Xiao Shing, please excuse my rudeness.”

The Xiao family is considered to be one of the big families in South Wing country. Their strength was fairly strong. Whenever their name was mentioned the receiving party would usually be shocked, however, this dwarf Youtian had actually given him no reaction. After a faint nod, Youtian simply got on one of the horses.

Youtian’s cool and natural motion had made Shing bore a bit of admiration towards him.

To begin with, a strong warrior should be arrogant, however this dwarf had yet to see his strength and already put on a dismissive attitude. In a while, he decided to show this dwarf a few tricks to surprise her.

Shortly after, more than 20 mercenaries marched towards the Misty Forest outside of the city. Halfway through, suddenly, a very stylish team were slowly approaching them from afar. In that team, numerous Summoners could be seen!

The place that they had just passed by was filled with blazing fire, a cold frost Qi could be seen mixed within. (Qi is kind of like spiritual aura that emanates from the body)

In addition to these summoners, there were two more Summoners who possessed flying spirits, one following behind the other.

Flying right above them was a spiritual beast covered with purple flames. His huge body emitted a fiery light which seemed to dance around like rainbow. In front of that purple fiery flame, all the lights in this world seem to pale in comparison.

“It’s the Purple Kirin!” (Kirin is a mythical creature in the legends…)

“It’s the Crown Prince’s Royal Kirin! Wah! As one of the ‘five godly beasts’ in this world, its strength is just too terrifying!”


The mercenary team immediately stopped to watch, all of them bore a look of admiration.

Summoners! They were definitely the most envied profession of all martial artists. Who knows how many people had dreamed to become one of them.

Summoners who were able to summon Spirital Beasts were considered to be absolutely strong. Within the continent these people were definitely considered to be the top warriors. And furthermore, their Crown Prince, Zhanye, is only 16 years old. He is already a Nine-star Intermediate Summoner and his spiritual beast is one of the continent’s top Five Spirit, “Purple Kirin.”

(I think the story doesn’t explain that well, so I will clarify the classes. Martial artists are basically people who use Kungfu, hands/swords, etc. Summoners are a class above them and are extremely rare. Summoners usually use regular beasts. Meanwhile, Spiritual beasts are the strongest and most rare)

He is basically the most talented Summoner in the entire Carta continent for the last hundreds of years!

Within the South Wing country, as long as one mentions the name of the Crown Prince they would all become excited in reverence. The Royal Crown Prince was the entire South Wing country’s pride!

From afar, Feng Beiyue could also feel the presence of the Purple Kirin. His fire attribute was insanely strong, the King of all beasts!

Sitting on the Kirin’s back was a handsome young man wearing a black suit. He had a dignified atmosphere that can make any youngster drop in admiration!


16 years old, Nine-star Intermediate Summoner, possessed one of the top five Spiritual beasts….Purple Kirin…. This piece of information drifted in Feng Beiyue’s mind, ah…indeed, this is a real genius.

The god’s favoured one…

If one really had to compare him with Xiaoyun, then Xiaoyun’s talent would immediately dim in comparison. The difference between them was simply too large, it was like comparing the earth’s dust with the brightly shining moon. How could one even call Xiaoyun a genius?

The gorgeous team soon arrived in front of the mercenary team.

Of all the people there, only Feng Beiyue didn’t care, with her black cape flying behind her, she looked calm as usual.

The people from the Crown Prince’s team had noticed a person on the side with a strange black cape. From one glance they could tell that this was just a temporary mercenary team, probably assembled to complete a task together. However, how could this person be so calm after seeing them?






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