Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 9

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 9

“This job is posted by Xiao family. We are short on close-combat mercenaries. Those who are interested may come and try! The pay is very high!”

The advanced job was posted up by a man, the content was to find a Blue Spirit fruit within the famous Misty Forest.

The Blue Spirit Fruit was considered to be a type of herb that can strengthen one’s body. If one uses it to train it can double the speed of their cultivation. The fruit is considered to be an extremely precious treasure because it would only blossom once every three years.

When Feng Beiyue was 10 years old, she could already be considered a master at martial arts.

Several people had already signed up, Feng Beiyue also squeezed past the crowd wanting to sign up as well. Due to her short stature, when she had passed by, a few mercenaries immediately let out few burly laughs.

“Kid, don’t cause trouble for others, the brothers here are very busy!” A mercenary burst into a hearty laugh.

Feng Beiyue instantly took out the dagger that was sheathed at the mercenary’s waist. Her speed was so fast that before their eyes could even react she had already pointed the dagger towards the mercenary’s heart.

If it weren’t for the dagger being too short, the sword would have already pierced his neck!

Sigh, a 12 years old’s body is really inconvenient…

The mercenary immediately paled, and the people around him looked at the scene in shock. This small person was incredibly fast, her movements swift (they don’t know her gender but I’m using her for now), her strength was definitely one of a senior warrior!

IN this world, the strong must be respected. With Feng Beiyue’s little performance, everyone’s attitude instantly changed, from being dismissive to one full of respect.

She sheathed the dagger back to the mercenary’s waist and deliberately used a hoarse voice, “Excuse me.”

“No, I’m the one who was in the wrong. Will this warrior please forgive my rude behavior from earlier.” The mercenary was very embarrassed but not mad, he bowed deeply to Feng Beiyue as an apology.

Such a forthright temperament, Feng Beiyue thought to herself, she now had a better impression of the warriors in this era.

“So strong! Sir Warrior, would you like to join us on this mission?”

The man who had just posted the advanced job sincerely invited her. From this, one can see that the strong was well-respected.

Feng Beiyue nodded, of course! She was willing to join as long as the pay was high.

“May I ask for your name, Sir Warrior?”


She had used that very same name when she registered at the Union.

In this mercenary team, the eldest son of the Xiao family was the team leader.

Previously, Feng Beiyue had simply thought that the leader of the team possessed the same Surname as her own family, but who would’ve thought the world was such a small place! This Xiao gentleman was actually Shing, the Princess’ elder brother!


Shing’s strength was quite good, at 18 years old, he was already promoted to an Imperial Silver Warrior. He had his own group of military soldiers, looked dashingly handsome and had an unrestrained personality. He was literally every maiden’s dream lover.

When the Princess was young, he would often tease her. But later, when they grew up, he also started to cause troubles for the Princess so whenever the Princess saw him she would cry.

Now that this scoundrel was within her grasp, Feng Beiyue would let him taste a bit of pain!

“Fanfan, this is the senior warrior you had found?”

Shing rode on a tall black horse, his body covered with shiny silver armor, he looked down at the dwarf Feng Beiyue (they can’t see her face so they don’t recognize her)

The man named Fanfan was the Union’s main mercenary recruiter. Hearing Shing’s voice filled with disdain and suspicion he hurriedly whispered a few words to his ears.

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