Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 8

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 8

Feng Beiyue covered herself completely with a black cloak she had found in her closet. Her face was covered by the hood rim. After confirming that no one would recognize her, she walked out of the room.

Cloud Pavilion was the most remote courtyard in Princess Long’s mansion. Normally, if it weren’t to bully the Princess, nobody would come.

The 2-3 meter high door-gate was easy for her to jump over, although she cannot channel her internal essence yet, she had not forgotten what she had learned from her previous life.

Even in this era, she can still be considered a top Martial Arts master!

The capital of the South Wing country was a huge city with a long history. The capital had a large population and was quite developed. If one walked in the streets, one would find the streets to be very spacious, it can easily accommodate more than 10 horse carriages. Magnificent buildings could be found everywhere, bustling lively with activity.

Vendors from various countries could be seen setting up stalls and many people were wearing strange costumes, thus, Feng Beiyue’s black cloak had not caused any special attention.

On the East side of capital was South Wing country’s largest trading market, Bougire Market. Here, one can find a variety of precious herbs, gems, treasures being traded off, as well as mercenaries. Each day, hundreds of mercenaries would come here to pick up a new task or to resell the materials that they obtained.

The Princess had never been to Bougire Market before, but from her memory, Feng Beiyue was able to pinpoint their location and arrive at their front door. Inside, many loud voices rang out and many strong-bodied mercenaries were walking around.

Several big, dark-skinned mercenaries passed by Feng Beiyue. She was only at the height of those mercenaries waist!

“Hahaha! Baby doll, don’t come here to play!” A mercenary said in a coarse voice.

Mercenaries usually have a forthright, careless personality. Feng Beiyue had encountered many of those people before in her previous life, therefore, she was not frightened.

Feng Beiyue nimbly walked past the large crowd and arrived to the center. There, she saw countless of small stalls, but Feng Beiyue only focused on the ones that sold medicinal herbs. She needed to find something to treat Dongling’s wounds and some for herself to treat her weak, poisoned body.


Before she is strong enough, she don’t want to blatantly get medicine from Princess Long’s mansion.

If she isn’t certain of victory, she would never easily show her hand.

But after she inquired the price of some herbs, Feng Beiyue was left staggering.

After so many years of being bullied by her family, the Princess was left with no money, even the inheritances that her mother had left behind for her was robbed away by them.

But she also understood that ‘money’ was very important, it doesn’t matter which era you are from, Money is certainly the most important.

But now that she’s in a hurry, she needs to find a way to get money!

Think, think, Feng Beiyue thought as she walked towards the other side of the market where many mercenaries were gathering.

Even spending 10 copper coins to officially register as a mercenary had already made Feng Beiyue feel broke. She only had 20 coppers in total, and some scattered coins in her pocket.

Make money! I have to make money!!!

Next, she went to the Union’s Job Market. A huge white board was lying there covered with a variety of mercenary jobs. Each job was categorized by different levels, and their reward was also different.

Feng Beiyue directly ignored the low-leveled ones and went straight to the advanced job section.

At the advanced job section there were many people, only those who were strong dared to stand here. To suddenly see Feng Beiyue, a person with a small thin body, everyone had shown a surprised look.



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