Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 6

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 6

Feng Beiyue…His trip to Princess Long’s mansion had ended up giving him unexpected harvest.

When she was supposed to be cruel she would not show any mercy, when she’s supposed to be coolheaded she would not turn her head around, to him, that girl was very interesting.

“Your Highness…” A whisper came from the darkness

With a wave, his white clothes gently flying, he instantly disappeared into the night.

———-Northern Moon Dynasty———-

Cloud Pavilion

This is the most remote courtyard of Princess Long’s mansion. The grass is overgrown and the shadows under the tree seems to be whirling. At night, the shadows made by the trees can really frighten someone to death.

Shortly after her mother had passed away, the Princess’ physician had claimed that she was suffering from an infectious disease and that it might infect others. So the family instantly moved her away to a deserted courtyard.

She used to live in the Green Water Courtyard, but now it belongs to her Stepmother Snow and her stepsister Xiaoyun.


Miss Xiaoyun, at the age of 15, had became a Third-star summoner. She was a rare genius within the South Wing Country. Other than the current Crown prince, Miss Xiaoyun was currently the hottest topic.

Therefore, Xiaoyun was loved by everyone in the family. Even Concubine Qin who had given birth to the eldest son in the family would not dare to provoke her.

Xiaoyun and her stepmother Snow, in her memories, was not particularly harsh to her, unlike the Concubine Qin who would always beat her. But it was also because the arrogant Xiaoyun had always looked down on her, so she did not bother with her.

Feng Beiyue recalled the Princess’ memories, when she was seriously ill, Stepmother Snow would always bring her medicine to eat.

Wait, that doesn’t seem right!

Feng Beiyue quickly went to the kitchen, in the cold dark room she lit a small candle and smelled the medicine that her Stepmother Snow usually prepares for her.

Beiyue’s eyebrow quickly wrinkled, surely, it had smelled strange.

There were traces of poison in the pot. One dose will not be fatal, however within time, the body will become more and more weak and finally, the whole body will become limp. The person won’t die, but be rendered crippled, unable to move for the rest of their life.

Good poison, hmph, no wonder the princess’ body had always been so poor. Even when Princess Long was alive and had invited many doctors treat her, she did not get better.

This trace of poison was difficult to find, only Feng Beiyue, who had tested many poisons before would notice this smell.

Stepmother Snow, Princess Long had always treated you well, yet when she passed away you are not only ungrateful but had also wanted to poison her only daughter to death!

Feng Beiyue sat down, straighten out and started to circulate her essence. These people, she will surely but slowly, remove all of them!

Just killing them is too merciful!

The sun was slowly rising, Feng Beiyue wasn’t even a bit tired, but whenever she tried to circulate her essence, once the essence hits the core, it will suddenly disappear.

“Sh*t! This body is really trash!”

Being sick was fine, but now she can’t even circulate her essence!

In this era, where martial arts determines one’s status, only the powerful will be able to stand tall! No wonder though she was Princess Long’s sole daughter, she had still became the laughingstock of the entire country.

No one will sympathetize with the weak! Only the strong will be respected!

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