Phoenix Against the World – Chapter 5

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 5

The Princess’ weak body was no longer the same as before, which could’ve been blown away by the wind. The current Third Miss had exuded an aura of elegance and irreplicable aristocratic temperament, as if everyone in front of her should unquestionably kneel down and bow before her. From the start, she was born high above everyone, inviolable.

Did Peixiang mistaken her for someone else? Is this really the same loser, sick, useless trash from before?

In any case, she felt that she can no longer afford to offend the Third Miss.

“Third….Third Miss, I was wrong, please give this lowly-one a small life. In the future, I would not dare to offend you.”

When she thought of how in the past she had bullied the Third Miss, Peixiang felt a slight chill down her neck.

She was just a servant girl who was somewhat decent looking, but being born in a humble family, she was very jealous of those real aristocratic Miss’. She used to be very jealous of Third Miss’ identity as the sole daughter of Princess Long. So she had always tormented her twice the amount.

She wanted to prove that even her Third Miss was free to scold, that her position can also be one above the aristocratic ladies!

But now, even if she borrowed 10 times her original courage, she would not dare to bully the Third Miss!

“If you want me to let you live, I’ll see if you can keep your mouth shut.”

Originally, she should have killed this servant girl as well, because in the Princess’ memory, this servant girl had bullied her as well. However, right now she had a little use which had allowed her to keep her life temporarily.

“This servant will be obedient, I will definitely be obedient!”

“Dispose of the body.” Beiyue lightly commanded, then she walked straight out of the temple.

“Rumors said that Princess Long’s daughter was a useless trash, who would’ve thought that she was so overbearing.” A cold voice resounded like a gust of wind.

Feng Beiyue was surprised, her heart jumped, who was it?! To have hidden so quietly that even she did not notice!

From the sound of his voice, naturally Feng Beiyue can accurately judge the direction it came from. She turned her head around and saw a man sitting on top of a leafy tree. The man wore a peerlessly white outfit that flowed lightly with the wind.

His beautifully black jade-like hair scattered over his shoulder, and for a moment under the moonlight, it could make one feel dreamlike.


Feng Beiyue slightly frowned.

This person’s face was exquisite enough to stop someone’s breath, with the moon outlining his white complexion, it exuded maximum brilliance. His eyebrows well-defined, and his purple eyes held some sort of clarity like a radiant light. Like demon, but not demon. Like god, but also not a god…

From his high bridged nose, to his pale pink lips, it was enough to dazzle everyone’s eyes.

With a breeze of wind passing by, a few strands of black hair touched his cheek, his facial features were just incomparably perfect, there were no flaws to be seen. It was like the whole world had taken all natural beauty and placed it onto this man who possessed a fierce killing aura, just to show his domineering side.

He leaned against a branch, his eyes emitting a spiritual aura.

Feng Beiyue held her hands behind her back and stared at him. This person did not exist in the Princess’ memory. He is not a person of Princess Long’s household. Moreover, he definitely does not look like a person from the South Wing Country!

It’s not easy to be around her so silently.

But whoever he was, it was none of her business.

“Mind your own business, that will help your life grow longer.”

She shifted her gaze and walked away.


What a cold arrogant fellow, he thought.

Feng Lianyi let out a faint smile, with a face that looked like a mixture between a god and a demon, it can make anyone’s soul become intoxicated.

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