Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 7

Phoenix Against the World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 7

Feng Beiyue tried to recall the information of this world. Carta continent, the turbulence had persisted for over 100 years, thus, directly causing the people of this continent to revere the strong. As long as one was strong enough, one can gain authority in any country.

The war had created a number of different profession, most belonged to the martial arts class which took up about 4/5th of the total population.

The rest of the population were Summoners, Alchemist, and Illusionist. However, these three classes were strictly determined by one’s blood. Therefore, the number of people in these three professions were just too low, too rare. For example, as long as one produce a little bit of achievement as a Summoner they will become a great existence in the country.


The Xiao family, had long been carrying the heritage of martial artists in the South Wing Country. Her grandfather is a highly respected Seven-star Summoner who possessed the spiritual beast, Fire Leopard. But her father, although a great martial artist, could not step into the realm of Summoners.

On the contrary her younger sister, Xiaoyun, inherited their grandfather’s bloodline. Since the early days she had already revealed rare talent of the summoning division. Even now in the South Wing Country, she was extremely famous.

Summoners and their summoned beast would first have to form a contract. In the past she had also tamed a beast before (her black eagle). The difference was, she simply made them yield to her strength, while now, she would have to form a contract.

Feng Beiyue stretched herself and stood up to get a cup of cold tea to drink. Suddenly the door was slammed opened and a bloody figure fell in.


Feng Beiyue immediately put down her teacup and went over to pick up the person on the ground. She looked at the girl and recognized her, she was a servant girl who grew up with the Princess.

In the entire household, only Dongling had not abandoned her. These two helped each other to survive in this household. The hardships from her memories swelled up.

“Dongling what happened?”

Dongling raised her head and only started crying after confirming that the Princess was fine.

“Miss, you are fine, that’s great, this servant was afraid that something might have happened to you, so I went to Concubine Qin, but then…”

Looking at her body covered with whiplashes, Feng Beiyue already figured out what happened.

That Stepmother Qin was really too domineering, because her dad favors her and she also bore the eldest son of the family, Xiao Shing, she had always been posing as the main wife of the household. (So, the main wife holds power in the family, the Concubines usually don’t)

The Princess was bullied for many years, and finally, she was left in the cold ancestral temple to die. Feng Beiyue held her fist tightly, this vengence, she will definitely return it 10 times more.

She lifted Dongling up and put her onto the bed. Dongling was shocked and looked at Feng Beiyue strangely.


When did the Princess suddenly gain so much strength? She couldnt even carry a bucket of water before…Dongling thought to herself, she could feel that the current Princess was different from before.

From the Princess’ eyes, a noble aura could be seen, as if she was born with arrogance. Just her standing there was enough to belittle the world. She looked very enchanting!

Dongling stared at her for a bit longer, am I seeing things? Am i dreaming?

“Princess?” Is this really the Princess she had served since her childhood?

“You rest first, no need to say anything more, I will go get you some medicine.” Feng Beiyue calmly said, she saw that Dongling had looked at her with curious eyes, but now is not the time for explanation.

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