Fake Foods!

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, Chinese New Year is coming. Some families celebrate with rich, unique Seafoods. This year my family had decided to make Sea Cucumber, $80/lbs, unfortunately, the Sea Cucumber turned out to be FAKE. We had to return the product and ask for a refund.

Below is what a REAL one should look like, white.


Below is the fake one we bought, on the outside it looks exactly the same as a regular Sea Cucumber, you would have to open up its intestine to see.


How do you know if it’s FAKE?:

  • It should NOT be yellow inside
  • It should HAVE intestines that line up the interior
  • It should NOT be hard after you have put it in water to sit for one whole day
  • The white powdery stuff on its exterior should be washed off easily

Keep in mind that people who have NEVER cooked Sea Cucumber would have no idea what it looks like in the interior. Be aware of what you buy.

Below is a picture of a person peeling the intestines of a Sea Cucumber. As you can see, the FAKE one did not have any intestines (cmon…people who made those fake Sea Cucumber use your brain…without intestines or reproductive organ how do these Sea Cucumber live????)


Luckily, we did not eat any, but later we found out some of her friends had eaten some…Oh…that’s unfortunate…

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