Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 3

Phoenix Against The World / 凤逆天下

Chapter 3 – The Strong Must be Respected

I actually am growing to like this story so i’ll upload few chapters at once tmrw to satisfy the craves.


“Lance, you want to catch me? It is still 100 years too early for you!”

She is the world’s most outstanding assassin, she can summon the rain and call on the clouds, nothing is impossible for her, except for that person with the name starting with “N”, otherwise no one is worthy enough to be her enemy.

As she raised her hand, a huge black eagle flew downward under the moonlight. Just one glance from its sharp eyes can leave people in fear for their lives.

The eagle’s claw seized Feng Beiyue’s arm and with a wave of its huge black wings it immediately soared back up into the sky. Her flaming red hair seemed to dance in arrogance under the moonlight.

At the same time, countless of heavy machine guns on the deck were shooting at her. Lance walked to the deck and stared at the distant sky, her petite figure was moving farther and farther away. He then said to the people around him, “Are you guys ready?”

“Sir, we are ready!” The higher-ups had ordered them to kill Feng Beiyue even at the expense of a city.

Lance raised his head, disappointed, he looked at the distant sky. “I had already said before, one day, you will pay for your arrogance and cold-bloodedness, Feng Beiyue….”

He felt a sharp pain in his heart, Beiyue…. all these years I had chased after you to kill you, but in fact, each time I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…

But this time, really, farewell…

10 minutes later, a huge explosion occurred in the city border of Jiangsu Province. A huge mushroom-like cloud appeared in the sky, illuminating the night. Fortunately, the residents of the city had been moved away in advance, so no one was harmed.

Suddenly, from where the mushroom-like cloud was, a shape of a huge black dragon enveloped the sky!


————Northern Moon Dynasty————

South Wing Country

Late at night, nobody had seen a evil black aura descending into the temple of Princess Long’s mansion.


In a room filled with dim candlelights, a pair of dark but cold eyes slowly opened. Looking at the shaky candlelight fire, the cold eyes had made no movements, only after a long time did Feng Beiyue come to digest the new memories that was bombarding her mind.

With a feeble groan, she came to accept the new facts…she had time-traveled!

It seems like Feng Beiyue’s current identity is a Princess. Her mother is the current Emperor’s elder sister, Princess Long Huiwen. However, she is currently the joke of the entire country.

She was deemed cowardly, ignorant, did not know martial arts, and was born with a weak body.

The physicians had said that she could not live until 18 years old.

Not only was she is a true fool, as a Princess she was bullied by her brothers and sisters who were born of a lower standing, from concubines. They treated her worse than a slave.

Her stepmother had a domineering arrogance, and after her mother had passed away four years ago, her father did not care about her at all. After her mother’s death, the Princess’ position within the family plummeted.

Today, she had accidentally offended her father’s favourite Concubine Qin, she was punished by having to kneel in front the temple for an entire day, with no food or water.

To begin with, her body was weak and plagued with many diseases. Having her kneel for an entire day was practically the same as asking for her life.

But no one had known that, due to some unknown circumstances, Feng Beiyue who was known as the “ultimate weapon” in modern times, had actually time-traveled and took over the body of this 12 years old Princess.

Suddenly, a warm gaze appeared in her eyes….


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