Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 4

Phoenix Against the World

Chapter 4

Feng Beiyue gently sighed and spoke, “Rest assured, since I am taking over your daughter’s body, I will not let her die in vain.”

After her words, the faint light on the ancestry table gradually dispersed.

Feng Beiyue grabbed her skirt and slowly walked out of the ancestral temple.

“Hateful~ Don’t do it here~ There’s still people in the ancestral hall~” A feminine voice resounded from the dark corner in the courtyard.

“Afraid of what? About that sick ghost in there? Didn’t you say she was just a stupid girl and cannot even compare to a minion?”

A sick ghost? A fool? Before Feng Beiyue had taken over this body that might have been true…

“But I am shy~ ~ ~”

“Shy of what? Baby, hurry up I can’t wait any longer.”

The sound of people undressing could be heard.

She had just arrived to this world and now, she had encountered two adulterers, what bad luck!

Feng Beiyue slowly walked over, the moonlight lightly shining on her face. She had a pale complexion and an emaciated small face. Because she had eaten too many medicine, her eyes looked like a deep black socket. After kneeling for an entire night, her hair was messy and her white dress was floating around.

Around the corner, a strong man lifted a girl up who looked about the age of 17-18 to the wall. He was excited to get into action and was completely unaware of the fatal danger that was slowly approaching!

The girl became more opened, humming softly, her two white legs tightly wrapped around the man’s waist. The area around the temple was quiet, as a result, the sound they were making was even more ear-piercing.

Princess Long’s ancestral frame was still inside the temple and these two people actually dared to do something so shameless! They don’t respect the dead at all!

Was it because the daughter of Princess Long is so useless and mild that even the servants were so lawless?

Feng Beiyue’s small face was ice-cold, as she took another step forward. At the same time the other girl looked up, she saw a girl wearing a buoyant white dress and was scared witless.


“Where’s the ghost? There’s dead ghost inside the temple that I know. Cmon, baby…Ugh…”

The throat only had time to make a vague sound, clack, the man’s neck was broken!


“Ah!” the girl cried out and stared in shock.

“If you want to die then keep screaming.” Feng Beiyue threw the man’s body to the ground and pulled up the girl’s blouse to wipe her hand.

This disgusting, lowly man, even just killing him had made her feel sick, if it wasn’t because he was so disrespectful to Princess Long, she would not have killed him.

It had dirtied her hands!

The girl tightly closed her mouth, shaking uncontrollably.

The moonlight shone on Beiyue’s face, wasn’t she supposed to be kneeling in the ancestral temple? Why did Third Miss appear right now? Is she coming here for their lives?

“I’m not a ghost.” Feng Beiyue wiped her hands clean and raised her lips into a cold smile. “As you’ve just seen, if you dare to reveal a single word of what happened tonight, you will face the same consequences as this man. Do not think of going to the Concubine Qin to complain. I am not like the former Third Miss.”

No one would dare to joke with their own life, especially after seeing her mercilessly wring a person’s neck!

Peixiang only had one thought, the Third Miss was possessed by a ghost!

She is just like someone who had reincarnated, cold and cruel, it made her entire body tremble.

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