Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 2

Phoenix Against The World / Feng Ni Tian Xia

Chapter 2

Feng Beiyue pulled out her gun and pushed away the person in front of her and rushed forward.

“Why did you push me?! Do you know who I…? There’s a gun!”

The arrogant beauty who saw a gun in Feng Beiyue’s hands started screaming. The Auctioneer on the stage was very well-trained, the moment she heard a scream from the crowd she had already quickly moved away to protect the black jade. But how could a person run faster than a gun?

The sound of a gun firing, a bullet went straight through the crowd and accurately hit the beauty’s forehead, not even a sound could be heard before she was killed.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye.


By the time the bodyguards had reacted, Feng Beiyue had already proudly turned around and walked out of the auction hall. They were all ants in her eyes, she disdained to even look at them.

“Feng Beiyue, the Boundless Million Beasts jade was surely precious enough to bait you into coming!” A cold voice sounded behind her.


Feng Beiyue twitched her brow slightly, this voice, she didn’t need to turn her head to figure out who it was. Lance, her nemesis, who had been chasing after her from South America for exactly five years. (trying to kill her not vie for her love obviously…)

Does he not understand their difference in strength?!

With an expressionless cold face Feng Beiyue slipped the black jade into her pocket.

“Feng Beiyue, over 200 countries have already posted a warrant for your head, you cannot escape from here!” Lance looked at Feng Beiyue, but in his cold tone one could hear a faint tinge of reluctance…

“What will your country do to me after they have captured me?” Feng Beiyue gently turned around, her eyes was full of disdain and coldness.

“With your talent, the state will reuse you!” Lance used this opportunity to say.

If you can turn this stunning and arrogant woman into one of their own, that would be for the best!

“Jokes.” Was the only response from her.

Looking at the eyes of Feng Beiyue, Lance could not help but let out a sigh.

“What happened those years…”

“Shut up!”

Feng Beiyue’s cold eyes suddenly let off a sliver of hate. Her parents were so loyal to the organization, yet they were both erased in the end! After their death they were even  brandished the mark of a “traitor”!

Every night, these gory thoughts would torture her, she would dream about it and wake up from her intense hatred.

“Huh? YOu want me to work for your country? After all these years I still think that I haven’t killed enough of your people. Once I’m in then what’s left of my future?”

Her cold eyes glared at Lance, this handsome and beautiful man… When they had first met, he was very gentle and elegant, full of intelligence, he was like the gentle breeze of  Spring.

Unfortunately, they were in a hostile position.

“If you want, I will definitely help you!”

“I don’t want to…”

Feng Beiyue mellowly raised her head, the entire place was already filled with guards surrounding her.

Not afraid.

From her flaming red hair to her face, she possessed a beauty that could rival any country’s most beautiful women, she was simply stunning and matchless. She was like the reincarnation of a goddess.

Just one smile is alluring enough to make many young men lost in desires.


Lance shouted after seeing Feng Beiyue’s smile. He was also dazzled for a brief moment but he quickly recollected himself.

But it was too late!

Feng Beiyue easily broke one of the commander’s neck and escaped from the crowd…


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