Phoenix Against The World – Chapter 1

Year 2012, Shanghai, China

At night, the waves were rolling along the Huangpu River and by the side, many bright lights illuminated the entire city as if its sole purpose was to prevent the night from coming.

Standing magnificently tall under the starry night skies was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, a building that had reached the whopping height of 1535m high into the sky.

Normally, no one could see the top of the Tower as the clouds would block their view, but today, if one looks really closely, one would be able to see a girl wearing a black windbreaker standing on top of the tower. Her hands were folded against her chest as she stared silently at a cruise ship slowly gliding along the Huangpu River.

Almost close enough…

This world-class luxury cruise ship was sponsered by the Northern Wild Corporation of Japan. Inside the ship, countless number of priceless treasures were currently being auctioned. Particularly, this girl likes to rob Japanese treasures the most.

The moment the cruise ship drew close enough, the girl immediately jumped off the tower. Like a beautiful butterfly, a huge pair of black wings had spread out behind her.

Faintly behind the grey clouds, it revealed half of her crescent moon face and a figure of a young beautiful girl with fiery flaming red hair. Her brightly round eyes resembled a perfect painting, however, she emitted a strange chilling aura.

Her figure paused in the midair for a moment, when suddenly, her figure darted towards the cruise ship at lightening speed. In a blink of an eye, the petite figure had silently landed on the cruise ship, the guards didn’t even have time to discover the wings on her back had actually been from a ferocious eagle, carrying her in the dark night.


As she watched several guards pass by, like a cat, she silently sneaked into the auction hall. The hall was decorated elegantly and was very luxurious. Even the vases on the sides were decorated with blue and white porcelain made from the Song Dynasty (thats like….many many many years ago….is considered very expensive)

The last auctioned treasure was bought at an extremely high price, a staggering astronomical amount that could even buy a crown. To her, Feng Beiyue, that amount was just crazy!

“Distinguished guests, today’s final treasure, is the ancient mysterious oriental jade called Boundless Million Beasts!”

The chief brought out a box that was made out of jade. The box by itself could easily cost a few billion, just what kind of treasure needs to be put in such a valuable jade box?

“Carved on this Black Jade is thousands of different mammal form, producing a life-like, wonderful workmanship. Legend has it that this black jade possesses mystical powers, one that can transcend life and death and also reverse time and space.”



Below you can hear someone laughing, everyone had originally thought that it was a marvellous piece of black jade, but it was actually only that?

In the age of science and technology who would believe in things like strange powers and spiritual nonsense?

Instead of looking at the black jade, they were better off looking at the auctioneer, she had a beautiful face and a great figure to top it off. Her clothes wrapped around her huge bosoms charmingly, especially when the beauty slightly bends over with the jade, her charm had made every men in the auction drool with lust.

This jade, although so precious, yet no one was discerning enough to see it as a great treasure!

Feng Beiyue sneered, from the second she arrived inside the auction hall she could already feel a strong mysterious force coming from the black jade…

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