Mise En Scene – Perfect Repair Hair Serum Review

Mise En Scene – Perfect Repair Hair Serum Review


How to Use:
I put it on after I wash my hair when it is slightly damp. No matter how hard you press it will only pump a certain max amount.

~$10/bottle (lasts at least 6 months)

Does it Work?:
Yes, if you use it as a hair oil, it will make your hair feel soft (not silky) also does not make your hair oily. (but seriously, don’t pump 5 rounds because 1 round is not oily)

No, if you think it will magically turn your damaged grass hair back to silky smooth commercial hair.

Will I Buy it Again?:
Yes. Let me first clarify some misconceptions. This product, despite what the name says, works like a hair oil, which is to make your dry hair less dry and somewhat protect your hair from heat (when your curl/iron/dry your hair). It is NOT meant to TREAT YOUR HAIR =>this is the job of Conditioners OR Hair Masks.

I will rebuy because it gives my hair a natural shine. It feels soft enough, does not make my hair feel heavy, also does not make my skin itchy or give me acne if my hair accidentally brushes over my face or back.

Smell like your typical salon shampoo.


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