Liese – Black Hair Dye Review

Liese – Black Hair Dye Review

What the Package includes:
Hair dye mixture, gloves, one pack of conditioner, a squeezable bottle (yes, you switch the white lid with the pink one and then squeeze the bottle). You don’t need anything else to dye your hair.

16$/box (I only needed one box, my hair reaches slightly past the clavicle)

Does it work?:
No. Mind you that I had light brown hair but it had only turned my hair color back to dark brown NOT black. I had left it on for the full 30minute duration (it says 20-30min). But I also had some leftover because the hair dye is actually FOAM, yes foam, not thick liquid like you see in the salons.

My hair is roughly that color and length right where the photo is chopped off. The right picture is NOT poop. It is the foam you get when you squeeze the hair dye out of the bottle…yea…looks like sh*t. Don’t ask me why it’s brown not black…i don’t know either….

Would I buy again?:
Yes, if I only want to darken my light hair color. The dark brown blends nicely with the black hair that has grown out. Also, there is no chemical smell, i feel that it is less harsh on my hair so I am fine with the results.

No, if I actually want to turn my hair back to BLACK.

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