10 Second Anime Reviews

Will add on as I remember more anime names….

The Classics – The Big 6:

One Punch Man – One man punches another man…once….

Naruto – A ninja who is weak until he chants the power of friendship.

Bleach – BANKAI!!!

One Piece – The world would’ve been a better place if Trojan had Luffy’s devil fruit.

Detective Conan – 12 year old asian boy can solve a murder case faster than you finding your X.

Full Metal Alchemist – Harry Potter’s Philosopher Stone

This Season:

Violet Evergarden – What is love?

Cardcaptor Sakura – Everyone is waiting for Sakura to marry Ren since season 1.

Shokugeki No Souma – Everyone adds viagra to their food.

Overlord – Necrophilia :>

My Favorites:

Code Geass – A boy trying to rebel against his parents, and becomes an expert cognitive-behavioral therapist villain.

Hunter X Hunter – A kid trying to find his dad and befriended the best assassin ever

Rurouni Kenshin – Badass music….Nine Dragon Head Slash….winner!

Hikaru No Go – Everyone will learn/want to play GO after this show.

Irregular Magic High School – OP main character with a sister-complex.

Mirai Nikki – When Tinder matches you with a psychopath girlfriend.

Angel Beats – Live your life to the fullest, don’t die with regret.

Your Lie in April – T________________________T

Kuroko No Basket – you are either a Kuroko or Akashi fan (Kuroko here yeahh)


K – I felt as lost as the main character

Dragonball  – Goku + Vegeta

King’s Avatar – An awesome storyline but missing 2/3 the details from the novel

Akatsuki no Yona  – Journey to the West girl version

Akagami no Shirayuki – Snow White but redhead version + minus 7 dwarfs

No Game no Life – Gambling addicts with hacks on

Sword Art Online – NEET/GEEK/NERD gets a hot gf from MMORPG because he is the best player in game (see…this is how you are supposed to get girls)

Attack On Titan – Huge naked cannibals

Mahoutsukai No Yome – Still a better love story than twilight.

Death Note – The only time you would ever write so diligently in your notebook…

Magi – Japanese version of Aladdin

Kabaneri – If zombie apocalypse occurred in an ancient civilization…

Log Horizon – Find the most intelligent person in your MMORPG game to become your Guild Leader…it can’t go wrong..

Tokyo Ghoul – You know you’re fk’d when the main character changes hair color.

Ajin – A black shadow does a better job than the US military army.

Picking up Girls In Dungeon – No main character stays weak forever!

Gangsta – R-18+

GTO – A teacher who actually gives half a sh*t about you.

Cheeky Angel  – Avril Lavigne anime version and without the singing

Chobits – I have no fking clue what I just watched

DN Angel – the first semi-yaoi series that every girl squeeled over

Gosick – when you run out of detective conan to watch this is your worst last resort

Erased  – A useless loser who can’t do anything right, so the girl he spent his life to save ditched him for his bestfriend

Ranma 1/2 – first boy trap :>






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